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    Fiery jobflow pring hidden layers when imposing.

    I use fiery jobflow for impose on Xerox versant 2100. But I found something odd. - When I use the jobflow hotfolder with impose. Then all hidden layers in the pdf. Are unhidden. Which means that I get them on the print. This is the ONLY combinatipon where the RIP print the hidden layers...
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    Ricoh Pro 7110 Problems / Known Issues / Price

    Ricoh Pro c7110 Problems / Known Issues / Price After I finally got rid of our Ricoh Pro C7110sx I want so share my experience with that new machine. First here are the price for Ricoh Pro C7110 sx, including RIP 2 large feeders, impose - compose, finisher: 627.571 DKR = 94.516 USD Click...
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    Ricoh Pro C9100 experience...

    I have a Ricoh C7110 that I am thinking about upgrading to at C9110, but I cant really find anything about it. Does anyone have experience with that machine ? Since I am pretty sure the quality are good, I am interrested in those issues. - Performance on uncoated / coated / textured paper - Jam...
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    Ricoh 7110 quality problems

    I have a Ricoh 7110 that are around 3 month old now. to begin the prints were the best i have seen. But now it looks like my old Xerox 700 or worse. It´s especially the gradients that are a problem. It looks like the a monitor with only 256 colors. I have calibrated the machine, os thats not...
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    Ricoh C7110 prints are too hot and melt togetner

    I have a Ricoh C7110, with the finisher - Not stacker. I have one big problem though. when I print on 170g and 250g coated paper. The prints are so hot that they melt together in the finisher. When I take them apart, I have toner from the lower print on the top one. And both prints are...

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