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    Uv inkjet printer curing issue possibly?

    Hi guys we have just bought a uv printer for printing direct to object, foamex, pens, glass wood etc it has a led uv lamp with a temperature setting. When printing solids to any surface on any temperature setting the print looks both dry and wet. It isn't wet, a bit tacky overall but this weird...
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    Ricoh 7110 one year on

    Well it was a very rough start indeed but as with most new machines I think we all know in this industry were the testers. I'll give Ricoh their due, not the quickest or even up to Xerox standards but they have stuck with it and turned out a pretty good production machine. We still have our...
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    small format uv printer

    hey guys, looking at a small format uv printer for pens, mugs, mousemats etc usual stuff. any suggestions?
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    apex uv printer

    anyone used an apex-jet uv printer? do the have a distributor in the uk?
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    HP L330 Latex printer question

    Hi guys, thinking of getting one of these to add to our printshop alongside the Roland and Epson. What has just scared me is the head life is quoted as 1 litre of ink!! is that for real, so every couple of inkjet cartridges you also replace the head? confirmation please guys. Thanks.
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    Ricoh 7110 problems

    We have had the Ricoh three months now and from the day of install it was out of square on the prints by about 2mm, as was the demo machine even though we were told not to worry it would all be set up and lined up on installation. What we have now is either the 300 s 350 out of square and the...
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    Ricoh 7110x further adventures

    Another week on and a ton of teething problems including the fiery randomly spinning the last sheet in a book or calendar 180 degrees. The biggest bug is the paper jamming as mentioned on here buy a couple of other guys, mainly caused by the most stupid design in the history of digital printers...
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    Ricoh 7110 white problem

    Hey guys, have I been hoodwinked or have any of you found a way to print the white behind an image ie overprint and image on top of white on a coloured card? the only way we can get it to do this is by putting the paper through first hit it with white sorry I meant gray!!! (white my arse) and...
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    Epson 11880 not printing full area from illustrator

    So created a document 1500mm wide x 1300 tall to print on 1600mm stock. Go to print from illustrator and the preview window is correct as is the description that the document fits on the dimensions of the page but when the print preview from Epson kicks in it is loosing about 18 inches of the...
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    Xerox mis-selling of software support / rip support

    So were in the process of swapping machines and have been with Xerox for 15 years. In conversation with sales we were complaining how high the cost or rip / software support was, we were paying £1250 per quarter for two DC5000 machines. He told us something we didnt know AND now have in writing...
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    envelopes on Ricoh 7110

    Hi guys, anyone running envelopes on a Ricoh 7110 / 7100? Thanks
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    Is it just Ricoh or is heat sticking sheets together (blocking) same for others

    Hi guys, just about to sign for a couple of new boxes and I came across a few reports of the faster machines not cooling quick enough and the wax toner causing sweating and then sticking of sheets in delivery, rendering them usless? We were told by sales guys that the buffer unit will remove any...
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    Ricoh 7110 tested

    Hi guys just got back from my testing of the Ricoh 7110. Firstly it's built very well both inside and out. The model we were testing had suction rather than the standard feeder which was very good. Print quality was very, very flat matt and I think their claims to match as closely as possible to...
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    I need help deciding guys !! Xerox 1000 and Ricoh 7110 both offered in deal

    Age old what is better question doesnt really exist these days does it, most mid market (lol 'entry level' wtf) machines are within a few hairs of each other. I have two offers on the table a Richo 7110 90 page a min with extended sheet, clear and white toner, standard delivery in the blue...
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    Xerox 1000 textured stock

    Hi guys, just looking at upgrading and it's between a couple of machines, I have read that the xerox 1000 / 800 presses will print on textured stock, has anyone achieved this with good results? Also does anyone know what 'real world' amount of clear toner you get out of a cartridge? Ie spotting...
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    Roland versacamm vp540 metallic will it run card?

    Silly question but were just buying a Roland versacamm vp540 with the ecosol inks in and wondered if anyone had ever found a card 300 / 350gsm that will take an image from it? The reason being we want to use also for short run metallic wedding invites? Thanks Ron
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    Decent digital press manufactuers

    By the title I mean AFTER you have bought one. We are struggling not to loose our company because of terrible after sales service. We have been with Xerox for a few years and added a second DC5000AP in June since then we have only had one machine running. For the last three weeks we have had...
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    Does anyone have PTI Fusion pro for sale

    Looking for a copy of FusionPro desktop software for a PC to run FusionPro Expession generate images from, does anybody have one for sale? Thanks
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    Xerox freeflow vs fiery as issues?

    We have a Xerox DC5000 with a Fiery rip and are about to get a second DC5000AP but it is being supplied with a Xerox freeflow rip, anything to be aware of?? Also an engineer has pointed out that the 5000 used in AP mode ie all profiles run same speed results in image quality loss, do any of you...
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    CS5 Thumbnails

    Help!! even after installing a clean CS5 on to windows vista I still have the problem that, all my icons show just for example the acrobat icon, not an associated thumbnail. I have tried everything but to no avail. The thumbnails all show up in CS5 bridge but not as image icons in Vista. We have...

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