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    Docutech 6115 and supplies, print server, and Canon Imagepress c6000, xerox 4110

    Trying to get rid of the last of my stuff. Need the space. I have: -Docutech 6115 (with interposers/finishers) please note this unit the print engine fell on it's side...could be used for various parts etc. The rest of the machine attachments are fine. -Docusp print server Sun Microsystems...
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    Investment property, financing, and related things...

    This is kind of applicable to this thread category. So I'm looking at getting an investment property that has a dock, retail store, and apartment units on top. I've never gotten involved in business mortgages, etc., just personal residence. I'm curious what to expect and if you all out there...
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    Self serve customer walk up print/copy environment

    So I was wondering how many printers/commercial printers/quick printers have their shop setup to allow walk-in customers to do their own copying. Kind of like how Staples is set up. There's the person behind the counter with the larger equipment and then several self serve units. Do you...
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    Check Printing Software

    I figured I'd post here since maybe some of you that use or service any of the MICR capable printers would know or remember anything to answer my question. My question is what software do commercial printers use to print blank checks? I know there has to be a production software out there...
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    Glad PP is working. Terrorist took down Godaddy and all my websites and services!

    Apparently someone attacked Godaddy's servers which caused ALL of godaddy products to become unavailable, including godaddy's main site. Wondering if anyone else is affected. All my websites, e-commerce site, and email is down. I blame Godaddy to a big as they are they should pay...
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    3d metal printing

    This isn't traditional printing on paper but I thought it was very cool how it works... 3D metal printing - YouTube
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    Anyone deal with Midwest Printing Equipment???

    I've been looking at some things for sale on ebay by Midwest Printing Equipment (ebay id: mwprintequip). I noticed their prices are higher than what a lot of other people are asking for things. I was wondering if they're like JJ Bender and just over-inflate all their prices or if they...
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    What's a really good 1 color press with roller coaster volume?

    Looking for info on a really good 1 color press that's cheap and easy to operate with excellent quality. I have a situation where the press would need to be "ok" sitting for a few days or weeks at a time idle (at least initially) but in a short time would need to pump out a few hundred thousand...
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    Print Shop Electrical Setup

    I was just wondering how you guys have your electrical wiring setup in your individual shops. Are you running dedicated breakers and lines to each machine or are you running a larger breaker with a bigger wire in a loop to multiple outlets? Do you use one big breaker box or utilize sub breaker...
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    Metal plate options

    I was just reading a really good thread on polyester plates, their plate makers, costs, etc... So what's the best options for metal plates? Any brand? Cost per plate? The plate makers themselves? What's a good life expectancy and advantages of the metal plates? Are they all aluminum or are...
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    Advice on a really good FIRST press and platemaker

    Any comments welcome. I'm looking for some really good advice on getting my first offset sheet fed press. I've zero experience working with these myself. There's two goals I want to accomplish, one have a press to fiddle around with to learn more as I go; and two, have a press that will allow...
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    First Press and ADVICE needed!

    HI. I want to move to offset and need advice on what a good first offset press would be. I'd like to be able to do full 4 color w/o being a press expert. Any suggestions?

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