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    Paper Shortage?

    Seems like every week get a notice from paper company about increase in pricing.
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    Ricoh 9200 & Xerox Iridesse Registration

    Our last toner order took about a month before they shipped. We started keeping a reserve batch cause we saw this coming. Not sure if you noticed the same thing is happening with paper.
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    Xerox Toner Shortages-Anyone Else Having Problems?

    Our last toner shipment for the Iridesse and Nuvera took about three weeks before it shipped.
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    Ricoh 9200 & Xerox Iridesse Registration

    No registration issues with our Iridesse
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    Flawless BW production printer

    We have 2 Xerox Nuvera 314 and run 3M-4M month per machine with very little service.
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    Xerox Iridesse Info Needed

    We have no issues with dots or lines on ours. Once we had banding and just ran the Automatic Banding / Streaks feature and it took care of the problem.
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    Xerox Iridesse Info Needed

    We have 2 and love it. Print quality is excellent. We have 6 station on one and 5 station on the other Clear, White, Gold, Silver and Fluorescent Pink. Operator can make a lot of adjustments for quality control. We have very little down time plus we do most of our maintenance. In the process of...
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    Fiery Color Profiler Suite Updates

    Yes we asked for it....Cause we knew the CPS was only good for one year from previous experience so this time around we told Xerox any software that came on the Fiery had to includle all software updates for the term of the lease. Told our sale rep it was a deal breaker if not included.
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    Fiery Color Profiler Suite Updates

    When we signed our lease for Xerox boxes it was included in our contract for term of lease all updates including Fiery software and fixed click charges.
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    Staples for Xerox Versant 80

    We order our Xerox staples from : never had a issue...
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    Replace BW production printers, Xerox Docutech 6180 with?

    We have received excellent service from Xerox over the years. Techs are usually here within 2 hours after placing a service call, we have 6 Xerox boxes (3 -1000i / 2 Nuveras 314 & 1 -288) and only see the techs maybe 2-3 times a month.
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    Fuji Xerox... anyone know much about the new press?

    Same here we run a lot of the GSC and it would save time not having the operator having to swap out the housing. I always wonder why they never enabled the empty toner bay on the 1000's.
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    Mac AntiVirus Software

    I use Intego
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    Things to be aware of in contract leases?

    Not only lock in the click charge make sure it includes all supplies...Toner, Developer etc.
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    Explosive rant

    We use the EFI My Portal and usually get a respond within 15 min after posting.
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    5th color station weigh-in

    When you swap out the colors gold to silver or clear do you have to dump the developer or just change the 5th station marking module & toner disp.?
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    5th color station weigh-in

    Our clients love it..Application - Watermark on documents, flood coating on flyers and postcards...The flood is great on lighter stock instead of UV/Aqueous. Creating metallic and pearlescent effect on business cards and posters. You have to up sale, because the toner and developer are not...
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    Xerox removed colour drums from online ordering??

    We order the fuser webs for our 1000's...The techs order the drums actually since we hardly see the tech I just call his cell and tell him to reorder when we are running low. We also do pretty much all the maintenance on the machines - fuser, developer, filters, belts, etc.....
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    Creasing digital laminated book covers

    We crease laminated covers printed on the Xerox 1000 using the Morgana, works great.
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    macOS 10.12 question

    How to Downgrade macOS Sierra to OS X El Capitan Step #1. First off, you will have to click on Apple icon from top left corner and select Restart. Step #2. Next up; while the Mac restarts, you have to hold down Command+R. Step #3. From the OS X Utilities, you need to click Disk Utility...

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