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    Indigo 12000

    I ran an Indigo 20000 which is a roll to roll version. Maintenance was very time consuming. Had things to do at morning startup and nightly shutdown.
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    Ink Temp. on HP Indigo 5000

    Have you tried lowering the ink conductivity by removing some ink from the tanks and adding imaging oil? Have you checked the water flow from the cooler lines to the tanks?
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    Iridesse Problems

    I would upgrade to a 1000i before going with a new , untested equipment. I always tell my customers wait at least a year until all the bugs are worked out of brand new equipment.
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    New Digital Press Suggestion

    You can use clear in ANY area you design for.
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    New Digital Press Suggestion

    The only option you would have is the iridesse if you use the 5th color.
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    V180 vs Pro7110/7200 vs Canon 8000 VP

    A v180 would be the logical choice. Supplies and operation are almost exactly the same.
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    Cleaning house on Igens

    Clearing house on Xerox iGen equipment. 2 beautiful condition, running iGen 3s available, 2 feeder mods, 1 stacker 22.5 inch length paper, Freeflow controllers- 8k each 2 running iGen 4s available, 2 feeder mods, 1 stacker, 22.5 inch length paper, Freeflow controllers - 25k each 1 running...
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    iGen 5

    . 4.5 million prints Fiery controller 2 feeder modules, 1 stacker module 120 ppm standard 26 inch paper length Feel free to call 714-292-6912 for more questions
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    Is there a reason you are selling?
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    XEROX CP1000 Server Exiting crashing

    Hey Possumgal, where are you located in Arkansas? I'm an independant Xerox tech in Rogers, AR.
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    XEROX CP1000 Server Exiting crashing

    Does the Fiery have updates installed? Are they current? Whens the last time you did an annual cleaning of the inside of the Fiery? I know they can build up a lot of dust inside.
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    we need help ... ARIZONA 250 GT UV-Printer

    need more info. Does the gantry move?
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    adhesives not sticking to our Xerox iGen 150 prints

    What kind of fuser oil are you using? Fuser I or fuser II oil?
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    Mylar Bag Printing

    HP Indigo 20k.
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    Slitter and finishing suggestions for offline flexible packing

    New to this part of the forum. Looking for suggestions for types of flexible packaging finishing equipment to use in offline environment with an HP 20k printer.
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    Xerox Iridesse jams and Fiery communicartion loss

    The first thing I always look at are the patch updates on the Fiery. Was the machine working fine before a certain update on the Fiery? Or are there updates that need to be installed?
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    Xerox 800/1000 yellow toner problems

    I don't believe that it has anything to do with environment. I would lean towards the dev. Density sensor then run a progen setup.
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    Fine cyan mist on Versant 3100 prints?

    Is this under Xerox service? Sounds like a possible voltage bias issue with the cyan developer housing or a dirty cyan laser.
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    Xerox 700 print quality problem has technician stumped!

    It looks like you possibly have bad developer Drive gears on the magenta and black. I would take out your magenta and black developer assembly and check the rear and see if the gears are getting stripped or they look worn

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