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    Cleaning house on Igens

    Clearing house on Xerox iGen equipment. 2 beautiful condition, running iGen 3s available, 2 feeder mods, 1 stacker 22.5 inch length paper, Freeflow controllers- 8k each 2 running iGen 4s available, 2 feeder mods, 1 stacker, 22.5 inch length paper, Freeflow controllers - 25k each 1 running...
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    iGen 5

    . 4.5 million prints Fiery controller 2 feeder modules, 1 stacker module 120 ppm standard 26 inch paper length Feel free to call 714-292-6912 for more questions
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    Slitter and finishing suggestions for offline flexible packing

    New to this part of the forum. Looking for suggestions for types of flexible packaging finishing equipment to use in offline environment with an HP 20k printer.
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    MultiGraf PST-52

    Looking for parts support and where I might be able to get an extra stacker cart and cart handle. 714-292-6912
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    Pricing standards for digital color printing.

    Good afternoon. I'm a technician that decided to get into doing my own print shop. I'm running 2 iGen3s, 1 with an inline BCMx, BDFx and SQM. I'm trying to get pricing guidelines for doing digital print. Are there basic variables that you use to justify to a customer how much you have to price...

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