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    New 9200 Questions

    As far as Im aware its the same registration system as the smaller 7200 which we have. Tech has not been able to sort the skew problem or the automatic image adjust. They have concluded after 8 months it must be a faulty unit and have agreed to swap it out. However they still cant guarantee its...
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    Uv inkjet printer curing issue possibly?

    Hi guys we have just bought a uv printer for printing direct to object, foamex, pens, glass wood etc it has a led uv lamp with a temperature setting. When printing solids to any surface on any temperature setting the print looks both dry and wet. It isn't wet, a bit tacky overall but this weird...
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    Ricoh 7110 one year on

    Well it was a very rough start indeed but as with most new machines I think we all know in this industry were the testers. I'll give Ricoh their due, not the quickest or even up to Xerox standards but they have stuck with it and turned out a pretty good production machine. We still have our...
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    Device Life Expectancy

    Most suppliers will fall over theirselves to upgrade your kit free of charge to keep the clicks coming in. 5 years is normal and 4-6 million is average but our last mid point Ricoh they have guaranteed the life of the machine to be 5 years or 15 million prints, if you get to the 15 million...
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    FusionPro alternatives

    We use fusion too and I agree it's a bit flakey, our crashes acrobat quite a bit but I still rather use this than xmpie. We paid 8k for xmpie and then 2k maintenance per year. In our line it was sledge hammer to crack a walnut. Problem was we decided not to pay the maintenance and 11 months...
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    Leasing vs Buying.

    For what it's worth guys I have had both experiences. Xerox are a company of their word if you dig your heels in, we had both our Xerox machines TSG'ed in four years (total satisfaction guarantee) replaced with new machines on a lease contract. We also purchased a money pit from Konica which the...
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    small format uv printer

    hey guys, looking at a small format uv printer for pens, mugs, mousemats etc usual stuff. any suggestions?
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    apex uv printer

    anyone used an apex-jet uv printer? do the have a distributor in the uk?
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    HP L330 Latex printer question

    DYP you rock, thanks for your help.
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    HP L330 Latex printer question

    Thanks DYP so we running everything at high quality as the market we in so am I correct in thinking a total costing would be 6 x ink carts & 3 heads and then i we get through four sets of ink we then have to add another x 3 heads into the mix? just trying to work our the average costing against...
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    HP L330 Latex printer question

    Hi guys, thinking of getting one of these to add to our printshop alongside the Roland and Epson. What has just scared me is the head life is quoted as 1 litre of ink!! is that for real, so every couple of inkjet cartridges you also replace the head? confirmation please guys. Thanks.
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    Ricoh Pro C7100 textured printing problem

    Had ours about 7 months never got a decent textured print out of it, despite holding onto all the wonderful samples, buying the recommended identical media and not even the tech can get it to print properly! They have demanded to know what Ricoh ran the textured calendar on settings wise but...
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    RICOH C7100x or XEROX Versant 80 - few questions

    Originally lots of paper jams, and I mean lots.... now everything is settled down not too many. The main problem is that the sheets jam across a unit and the stupid twiddly things you turn that are meant to clear the gap so you can open the tray to get the paper out do not work so in the end you...
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    RICOH C7100x or XEROX Versant 80 - few questions

    Hey guys, was with Xerox for 10 years and although I used to slag them off for things their service was second to none, you dont realise until you move......... We purchased a Ricoh 7110 six months ago and the machine is great, fantastic in fact print quality wise from our Xerox DC5000 and...
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    KM c1070 - printing on textured paper

    Hi Rikard, you need to be looking for any settings that mention transfer value, not familiar with that model but we have had four different digital presses all with the same kind of results. Its normally a voltage increase to transfer the toner to the uneven surface, or as Possumgal suggested...
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    Pro vs Con Konica C1100 vs Ricoh 9100/7100 vs Canon C800

    You dont need to be looking at a 9100 for that amount of clicks dude, the 7110 is a beast, finally after all the teething problems and believe me there were a lot more than any of the other manufacturers we have owned, Xerox, Konica & Canon we were almost ready to send it back on two or three...
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    Fiery Lock Up

    On our new Fiery the Javascript update kllled it so we blocked it from installing after ghosting it again, on my old Fiery's both identical one of them suffered the same as yours, sometimes took ten reboot attempts. Re installed it many times which lasted just a few weeks then it went back to...
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    New Install - Ricoh Pro C7110SX

    You don't need to disconnect the buffer units for the banner printing and you can use the banner tray for normal stock too, only problem is loading the paper is like trying to birth a cow!!
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    Ricoh 7110 problems

    Only way you can run banners dude, no bypass trays on these machines
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    Ricoh 7110 problems

    Ifelton, just has the senior top guy in to have a final look and due to the stupid way it registers on the shortest edge of the sheet! no side lay to keep it square, he has told us its as good as it is going to get which varies between 1 & 2mm out of square. That is at the uppermost of their...

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