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    Equipment for sale

    Following list of equipment for sale: Konica Minolta C654e digital press 60 color/65 black PPM, low meter - approx. 200K clicks Itek 3985 (Ryobi 3302) IR dryer, crestlines ABDick 3500 Kompacs, IR dryer, pull guides, 4 million impressions Ryobi 2800 w/swing away T-head Thompson envelope feeder...
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    Regular fuser vs envelope fuser???

    What is the difference between a regular fuser and an envelope fuser? Is this unique to Konica or do other manufacturers have separate envelope fusers? (Xerox, Canon, Ricoh, Xante, Oki, etc etc) If I am running digi windows do I need this envelope fuser? What about regular #10s (no window)...
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    Ricoh killed my service contract during covid-19 now looking for advice on black and white machines.

    My question is do the sales reps only make commission on the sale/lease of a new machine or do they also make commission on the click charges of a service agreement? Seems like if I wasn't interested in upgrading to the newest machine the sale rep would want to keep the service alive so he/she...
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    envelopes on Ricoh 7110

    Yes I have seen his videos, very impressed with his setup of KM's. I was actively looking to buy a KM or two after watching his channel but the Ricoh deal fell in my lap at a price I couldn't say no to.
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    Trouble Getting Heavier Digital Stock

    Yes I just posted on another thread about anything #100 cover or above being either out of stock or very limited supply. I am pretty sure it going to be similar to limited supplies of lumber due to high demand and limited number of sawmills due to their capacity hampered more by people not...
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    Discontinuing Blazer???

    I have seen the same thing with my paper vendors in the last few weeks very low stock on anything from #100 cover and up. Blazer #100 gloss, #100 & #130 gloss covers were our house sheets. I have ran Pro Digital before as well as Sterling and Pro Digital performed better on both our offset and...
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    envelopes on Ricoh 7110

    Looks like envelopes on my c901 are a no go. The only way to load a #10 is in trays 3 or 4 with the flap open feeding from the bottom of the envelope. The paper guides won't go small enough any other way. But on the screen of the print engine under paper settings it has an envelope setting...
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    envelopes on Ricoh 7110

    I have a new to me Ricoh C901 with the Fiery FS-100, LCIT, buffer pass and the SR5020 booklet maker. I have not tried envelopes yet but I am very happy with the machine so far. The speed and quality is exceptionally good and it may allow us to phase out our offsets if we can do envelopes on...
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    Grain direction of the paper

    The grain of the paper should always run in the direction the paper travels through the press. On an offset press the paper is under significant pressure in the cylinders which can account for the paper stretching, the application of water and ink in the printing process adds moisture to the...
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    Prepress advice needed

    I use both the plates tastar mentioned and they both work well. I run very high quality 4 color process at 150 lpi @ 1440 dpi daily using the GenieJet plates and use the JT Direct when I need a longer run length plate.
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    Tango By Dotworks-Should G & J be concerned?

    This is an old thread but after reading some of the responses to my post I thought I should add to this. We transitioned to inkjet ctp after our laser ctp system went down a few years back. I currently have an Epson with the Ultrachrome K3 inks (vivid magenta). I currently use 3 different...
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    Printing long on one side

    The solid print test is a good indicator of the problem I just mentioned in my previous post.
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    Printing long on one side

    If with running metal plates (polyester plates can and do stretch) the other units all print the same except the Magenta that rules out paper stretch or fan out in the corners. Not 100% sure on your particular press, but most multi color presses have an adjustment on each tower for parallel...
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    AB Dick Century 3500 "Redundant Safety System Failure"

    The "REDUNDANT SAFETY SYSTEM FAILURE" deals with the safety circuit for the covers and includes the emergency stop buttons. If a cover is open the switch opens the circuit disabling the machine from running, but it will inch. The two emergency stop buttons each have 4 wires to them. When the...
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    Presses come and go.

    I see the same or similar problem for small commercial printers and quick printers...there are not any options for new duplicator/offset presses in the US other than a couple of Ryobi models & one Baum (formerly built by Heidelberg)...Hamada, Toko, Multilith, Chief, Gestetner and others have all...
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    Which type of offset press can print the highest resolution

    I agree with Alibryan to some extent. Presses with bearers generally are known for better quality in that the cylinders don't have the force exerted on them with coming out of the cylinder gap, where with duplicator type presses you don't have that and can get a bouncing effect around the...
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    What would you charge for this job?

    First, that postage sounds low even at non profit automated barcode rate, 2nd price this job with some trusted trade vendors and mark it up 30% (take the wholesale price and divide it by .3), this would be the absolute minimum for a starting point. Then consider the turnaround, the quality, is...
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    AB Dick Century 3000 IR lamp problem

    First, rule out the obvious, disconnect the machine from its power source and check the fuses for continuity with a multimeter (if you are not familiar with this then find an electrician to do it for you)...don't test this without disconnecting power first (voltage can be deadly)... Once you...
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    AB Dick Century 3500 "Redundant Safety System Failure"

    Hi Mr.PrintX, I own a Century 3500 in my shop and I am also an independent service tech and am glad to offer any help...while I am not factory trained on the 3500 press I do have the service manual and have gone through the press I have from feeder to delivery. Yes parts are no longer available...
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    Image Fit Problem

    Anyone out there every ran across a 2 color press fit issue where the marks and image at the gripper was dead on, the tail marks and image was dead on, but the middle of the sheet was out by 1mm in the direction the sheet goes through the press??? When I first saw this I did a double take and...

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