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    KM PI-502 won't insert after last printed page

    We recently installed a PI-502 on our B/W Pro951, to insert colour pages produced on the C4080. The unit will insert sheets from PI Trays 1 and 2 before the first page, after a printed page if there is another printed page to follow, but not after the last printed page. We've tried using 'Cover...
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    Post Inserting (KM Pro951)

    We don't have the PI-502 Post Inserter on our Pro951, however the driver facilitates inserting blank sheet/s after specified pages, from a paper tray (pre-engine). I have used this occasionally for inserting tinted slip sheets between sets. IIRC it doesn't count as a click. Any thoughts on...
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    Guillotining Laminated Stocks

    We have an Ideal 4850-95EP and on the last couple of jobs an issue had developed when cutting 250GSM silk with a gloss laminate to both sides. I've been trying to look at what's different to before and have come up with these variables, the third of which seems the most likely. the blade was...
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    New Konica Minolta C7100 series

    KM announces new mid-range AccurioPress models: Printweek KM (EU site)
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    GBC Magnapunch - Dieset compatibility between models

    We have a couple of Magnapunch 1's and a good collection of die-sets, covering all the popular finishing options we're ever asked for. My understanding was these original Magnapunch dies only fit the MP1, however talking with an engineer yesterday (not a GBC guy, but well versed on all the...
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    KM Pro951 PS Driver - 'Stamp' tab

    I'm looking at numbering several thousand of a single page PDF B/W form. We have the KM Pro951 with 1250/1052 PS driver (v.5.0.663) Whilst I can do this in Indesign and give the machine a 3,000 page PDF, I'm exploring the potentially much simpler way of adding numbering within the post script...
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    AccurioPro Print Manager

    Wondering if anyone has come across this issue (our dealer is on the case but awaiting response from KM dept. on festive break) hence after a quick fix. This is on our new C4080 with IC-609 controller, although I imagine the principle is the same on the last generation machines. Within...
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    KM Pro 951 - self adhesive labels - corners creasing intermittently

    Does anyone have any thoughts on this? The stock is standard self adhesive office grade laser labels, fed face up from Tray 4 on the PF-706 deck and output face up on the FS-532 for the straightest path. The scenario is as below and happens regularly with this repeat job. Requested 10 sets...
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    Konica Minolta AccurioPress C4080 / C4070 / C4065

    Looks like these are imminent, with EFI and Energy Star quick off the mark, in advance of a KM press release. A reliable source mentioned had it not been for Covid, the 40nn series machines would have been launched earlier this year.
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    Graphtec F-Mark Sheet Fed Cutter

    We are looking into buying one of these, obviously after doing some tests with our own work and substrates. Has anyone got one and can give some feedback after used it for some months? The cutter would predominantly be used for kiss cutting laser film and die cutting coated stocks. Also, for a...
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    Digital Press Conundrum

    Hi all - just signed up and this is my first post, although I've been lurking in the wings for months and have spent many hours reading - predominantly the Digital Printing and Binding/Finishing forums. Our situation - for years we have had machines from the KM Bizhub 'office' range - currently...

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