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  1. jpfulton248

    Uncoated 20# Bond Wavy after digital printing

    Offset sheets come off of the press perfectly flat. Digital sheets do come off of our digital printers very wavy. We struggle with our offline bookletmaker when he paper is wavy. Our high speed digital (Xerox D125) seems to be the worse culprit. I suspect the high heat required for high speed...
  2. jpfulton248

    Folded edge cracking

    No creaser, no scorer. Cracking spines. Our shop does 95% the exact same specs for every job we do. 65lb 12x18 uncoated grain short. We produce booklets so that means a 12x18 gets cut down to make 2 booklets. This means the fold goes against the grain. We purchased Accent Opaque for years and...
  3. jpfulton248

    Publisher file -- Pics dropping when Saving as PDF

    I just struggled with a customer Publisher file for a couple hours so I wanted to share what finally worked. Random pictures were dropping out when I was exporting to PDF. In general (not just publisher) I used to always either print to ps or print to pdf. Within the last 5 years I changed my...
  4. jpfulton248

    Xerox J75 and Xerox D125

    Hi all. We purchased a refurbed Xerox J75 and a D125 about 4 and 2 years ago respectively. The J is color, the D is higher speed black. Same rough generation otherwise. We bought direct from the "only"(?) authorized Xerox distributor in my state. We also signed a pay-per-click service agreement...
  5. jpfulton248

    DPM 2340 - 2nd plate - Drum Jam CarProtect Media Buckling in Drum

    Our DPM 2340 is no stranger to drum jams after the 1st plate has made it out. That's what happened this morning. Cleared the jam by pulling gently. Tried again, jammed again. This time investigated the drum area and it is clear that just as the plate is exiting the drum area and buckling right...
  6. jpfulton248

    Thicker than 350gsm Business Cards with Color Edge

    I have a customer asking for a quote on extremely thick business cards (in the 16pt-26pt range) with color edge. How is this done? I think the edge is just painted on, right? Or is that the workaround way of doing it? And then I think I read that the thick cards are done multi-ply but how...
  7. jpfulton248

    Perfect Binding Odd Finish Size

    I have a customer looking for an unusual perfect bind finish size: 3.5" x 8.5". I've called around to a whole bunch of shops in my state and cannot find anyone that can do this finish size without a lot of extra work. I'd like to find a shop that has a web press that can fold in-line and also...
  8. jpfulton248

    Acrobat Dot Gain 30 Conversion is Changing 100K black to 84K

    For offset we convert using the built in Dot Gain 30 setting in Acrobat. Problem is that on some files it changes 100K black to 84Kish. Any guesses why? Our preferred behavior would be for 100K to stay 100K and only the other values to change based on a curve.
  9. jpfulton248

    How do you catch booklets as they exit your digital printer's finisher?

    I get the impression that most shops have a makeshift way of catching booklets as they come out of their digital printer's finisher. We've always just used a box which is probably the most common answer but it's certainly not ideal because of they way they pile on especially when we are just...
  10. jpfulton248

    Coil Punch and Inserter

    Looking to buy an electric coil punch and inserter.
  11. jpfulton248

    Running 5.5x8.5 UV coated one side through Xerox J75 for printing on non-coated side?

    I'm going to be doing a job that will include VDP of addresses. The addresses must be kept in zip order. I will be run 3UP. Normally we do this and I just tell the guy cutting to keep them in order. I'm always a little nervous but he's always gotten it right. This time I need to send the job...
  12. jpfulton248

    Opinion on Menu Card Finishing

    I am printing a beverage card for a restaurant. The card is 4" wide x 8.5" tall (tall and skinny). Full bleed and some kind of protective coating (probably Laminated?). I don't have much experience with lamination so the thing I'm stumped on is whether to do a thin lamination on heavy stock or a...
  13. jpfulton248

    Pouch Laminator Quality

    Question: Kind of a difficult question but what determines whether a laminator will produce professional looking results? Background: We have a small pouch laminator by Jackson Hirsch. We never use it for anything we're actually selling and have never tried anything with it except the standard...
  14. jpfulton248

    Suggestions on Low Volume Coil Binder and Punch

    Can anyone recommend a low volume electric coiler and punch? I’m thinking the foot pedal kind and budget is up to 2k. Thanks.
  15. jpfulton248

    Heavy Stock Jamming but not when duplexing

    Trying to run 16 pt stock on our J75 (admittedly out of spec for our printer). The job is 2 sided but we are getting really bad front to back registration so I’m thinking of trying to manually flip for the other side. Weird thing is that it jams on every sheet if I DON’T duplex. Totally counter...
  16. jpfulton248

    Xerox J75 - Streaky Solids - CMYK Test Sheet Attached

    I'm having problems with streaky solids on my J75. It was suggested that I create a CMYK test sheet which is what I've done on 100lb Gloss Cover. Each color has 10 "steps" from 100% - 10%. I've attached a picture of it with the transfer voltage set to 130 (which looks about the same as the...
  17. jpfulton248

    Best Settings for Quality on Xerox J75 with Fiery

    I know this is a really broad question but interested in getting some ideas. I'm trying to print a piece for a customer that is on coated stock with some light tan solids. I've tried a lot of combinations of settings and I'm not happy with the quality. I'm seeing a cross-hatch looking pattern on...
  18. jpfulton248

    Customer Wants Something that Looks Like a Newspaper

    I have a customer that wants to produce something that has the appearance of a newspaper in terms of size and stock. She wants it to be 4/4, folded etc. Volume is low: one run of 2,500 monthly. We have a small sheetfed perfector press that cannot do process color and maxes out at 13x19 so that...
  19. jpfulton248

    Laminator Options

    I'm interested in adding coating or laminating ability. Currently we have a small (10"?) pouch laminator. Not commercial grade. I've seen commercially laminated pieces before and they do not look like what comes out of our pouch laminator. What is the least expensive equipment that will do...

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