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  1. Windward

    Versant 180 Installed

    Windward Graphics has just installed a Versant 180 to replace its long-serving Xerox 700. We also considered the KM 2070 and Ricoh 5200. The KM machine was much more expensive with not much benefit. The Ricoh did not meet our requirements for paper handling. As with any upgrade, there are...
  2. Windward

    KonicaMinolta 6500 vs 6501

    Does anyone know the technical differences between these two models? I have been offered a new 6501 for $69,000 and a new 6500 for $58,500. That's a significant difference but if the newer model is much improved, the 6500 may not be a bargain. Both machines have the same options and...
  3. Windward

    Canon C9075

    Has anyone seen any output or performed any tests on the new Canon C9075? We are interested in replacing or augmenting our Docucolor 250. Any comments would be appreciated.

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