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  1. Bretman

    KSBA letterpress help

    Hi gang, Hope you all had a Merry Christmas and wish you a happy new year. I am helping out an older letterpress shop across town and am in need of the packing spec's for an 18 x 24 Heidi KSBA letterpress. They still print some items on this and we need tempin and underlay packing spec's for the...
  2. Bretman

    Page count on a KM6500 bookletmaker

    Hey gang, So I ran a job today 135 gsm sheet 4/4 8.5 x 11 with 1/2 fold. 1 SIG !!! CWS bumps the job and tells me spec's are beyond finisher capability. Yea, OK right. So I reduced the gsm setting and ran. Then I e-mail our local click support buddys and the response was... thats the spec's...
  3. Bretman

    Basic web order & pricing w-payment

    Hey people, So the boss has me hunting down some solutions. We are looking for a solution that can provide a way to price, order & pay (maybe through paypal?) online through our website. We don't really want to get into design etc. online, just have the customer upload their file when ordering...
  4. Bretman

    Import a color into Illustrator

    Hey gang, I always get distracted on this site. There are some great discussions here. I have a delema that I hope someone can help me with. I have a Konica bizhub with EFI rip, Command Workstation and Colorwize protools. I am also using an ES-1000 spectro for calibration. I can also use the...
  5. Bretman

    Working with digital color

    Hey gang, I have benn away from here for a while but glad to see things are still going strong. I am working on a Konica bizhub C6500 with Fiery controller. I am trying to get a better concept of ICC profiles and adjusting my color. The color gammut "blocks" that make up different profiles and...
  6. Bretman

    Digital professional vs. Min. wage labor

    Hey Guy's & Gal"s I have a question... First let me explain. I am a proffesional printer (30 years). I have been in offset, letterpress and general commercial for ever. Last year we got our first digi (Konica 6500 pro). I began learning the new skillset for digital imaging and feel I have...
  7. Bretman

    Eagle rip 4.0

    Hi everyone, We are buying a new eagle rip and I am wondering if anyone can tell me where I might find some info or tutorial on the software I will be using. Just trying to get a jump start on this. We will be running a Lino 330 with this. Thanks

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