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  1. Duncan Hyde

    XEROX CP1000 Server Exiting crashing

    Hi Forum, Anyone experiencing this issue with the Xerox 1000 press Fiery server? The Xerox technician would have to do a re-install of the server to get back up a running but it is happening now regularly and it takes so long even with a clone disc. Regards Duncan
  2. Duncan Hyde

    Xerox Toners, Supplies, Parts & Service Independent supplier wanted?

    HI Forum, I'm looking for a supplier other than my Authorised Xerox dealer for Toners and Service and Parts in Florida, Caribbean Region would be great? We currently use a 252, 700, 1000 and a DC110 B&W machines. Hoping for a response Thanks Duncan
  3. Duncan Hyde

    XEROX 1000 948K19410 Developer Housing Where to Buy?

    Hi Forum, I'm looking for pricing and where to buy a XEROX 1000 Developer Housing 948K19410 Regards Duncan
  4. Duncan Hyde

    Can Preps 7 intergrate with Trueflow 7.0

    Hi Forum, I just was wondering if anyone else uses preps with trueflow and how do they integrate it?? Regards
  5. Duncan Hyde

    Intec LP215 Toner supplies

    Hi Forum, I'm just inquiring if anyone has found cheaper toners and Drums for the Intec label system or even non genuine or refills in the USA?? Regards Duncan
  6. Duncan Hyde

    OKI procolor or Intec LPS215 digital entry level label systems??

    Hi Forum, I gotta make a decision I got a lot of info from two dealers, I missed Graph Expo this year to see them both in action but the packages seem similar and I think they use same OKI print engine. Labels on a roll will be a new product to compliment our offset and digital printing...
  7. Duncan Hyde

    XEROX D125 B&W Toner Cartridge poor Yield and Chip Issue

    Hi Forum, We acquired this machine a couple of months ago to increase our B&W printing capacity, but the toner yield is terrible for a production level machine and the cartridge chip says toner out and there's still a lot of toner left in it. We also have 2 other Sharp B&W with less print speed...
  8. Duncan Hyde

    How to calculate cost of ink and paper per square Ft. on EPSON 9900

    Hi Forum, we are revising our costs to enter into a new MIS, but is there a formula to efficiently calculate cost per square foot of paper and the ink used? We normally stock 350Ml carts. and mainly use semigloss photo paper for offset proofing on a 44" roll. I checked the usage menu on the...
  9. Duncan Hyde

    Looking for A Flatbed Printer to buy?

    Hi Forum, Im researching about Flatbed printers Memjet or Inkjet? to print on different materials - board, textiles etc... Manufactures with good service record of course. Need to work out a budget. Any feedback from users welcome Thanks Duncan
  10. Duncan Hyde

    EQUIOS vs Xmf

    Hi Forum, I have to decide which way to go but also save some money for the company. We currently use Trueflow 7.3 our dealer is pushing us to go with xmf over screen equios. We had a demo done on xmf, seems cool but more expensive and the hardware requirements too. Would it be a natural...
  11. Duncan Hyde

    MIS Software Recommendations?

    Hi Forum, our company would like to implement a new MIS system we got a white paper report on it from Printing Industry of America (PIA), but its a lot to look at, so i would love to get feedback from everyone on what they are currently using and are they happy with it. My company is relatively...
  12. Duncan Hyde

    EPSON 9900 not printing past 40" cuts off printing from driver on mac

    Hi Forum, My EPSON 9900 not printing past 40" cuts off printing from driver on mac from Indesign, I tried creating a custom roll size and also choosing Super B0 roll borderless. I know it can print up to 44" what am i doing wrong. BTW i'm printing on EPSON Signature Worthy Hot press Natural...
  13. Duncan Hyde

    High Volume B&W printer with Efi Fiery Command Workstation?

    Hi Forum, Looking for a 100ppm+ B&W Production level Printer with a good server to impose and setup my jobs like i do with Command Workstation on our Color Xerox's, we are using a a Sharp 904 B&W but cant impose or print like i do with CWS. Are their other brands other than Xerox that i should...
  14. Duncan Hyde

    Kodak Sonora XP Plate Calibration Question?

    Hi Forum, I was trying to calibrate a Chemistry free Kodak Sonora XP Plate .20 thickness on a PTR-4300E and my Zoom test was way up in the range 9300 i tried lower range 4000 up could not get good Zoom. Is 9300 Zoom and then I did my Focus which ended up at 1800 pretty close in range of my...
  15. Duncan Hyde

    Flatworker & Trueflow Training Resources?

    Anyone knows if there is a resource for more advanced training for Trueflow & Flatworker other than from the re-seller? I would like to use more features within Trueflow to help simplify using multiple presses and impositions for a single job, and also more info on using the creep feature...
  16. Duncan Hyde

    SCREEN 4300 laser Diodes burning out quiclky using Kodak plates?

    Hi Everyone, We continuously have to replace diodes as they run low real fast, up to 4-5 a year so far and know we have to replace four more. We are also told that we need to clean the lens regularly couple times a month. Also we are told by the re-seller its probably due to us not using...
  17. Duncan Hyde

    Anyone using the new Kodak Achieve T400?

    Hi Everyone, Anyone using this machine and how has it been? Duncan
  18. Duncan Hyde

    Problem Printing PDF files on Xerox 1000

    HI everyone, I'm having issues processing/printing some PDF files on our new 1000 with a Fiery Rip server which uses a Adobe PDF engine. The files would just stop at the Processing stage and not timeout or give me an error. I'm forced to restart the server and then I use the postscript rip...
  19. Duncan Hyde

    PRIMERA Laser Tech or MEMJET for digital label printers?

    Hi Everyone, I'm looking for a affordable digital label printer but not sure about what technology to go with, e.g Laser-(PRIMERA cx1200) or Memjet-(RapidX/Colordyne 1600). Operation costs for both and also finishing systems for cutting laminating etc... I have a budget of 30K+-5k? Anyone...
  20. Duncan Hyde

    Looking For Feedback on The PRIMERA Digital Roll Label printing Systems?

    Hi Everyone, I'm not sure if this is the right Forum for this, but I'm looking for feedback on PRIMERA Digital Roll Label printing Systems. And if any white papers are out there cant seem to find much more only brochures I would love some testimonials also. Thanks Duncan