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    Pantone Color Percentages...

    What library is displaying C: 2.8 M: 66.1 Y: 98.8 ? Both Colorbridge and Pantone+ Solid coated V3 are displaying M62% Y95%
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    CTF is not environment friendly, CTP is always too expensive for now...

    A Magnus 400 will expose the plate size you require. Ours has worked tirelessly for 12 years since we replaced our old Lotem 400 Get one with a multi cassette loader if you can.
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    Fixing a Color Problem

    We have a customer who comes in for press checks, goes out to the car park and lays the sheets out in the sun to view, goes back to the press, asks for some adjustments, takes another sheet out, I've seen her in the car park with 20 press sheets laid out in front of her.
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    Densitometer headscratching

    We still have the original calibration sheet in its lightproof envelope, it expired in 2001 but I work on the principle that if it hasn't been exposed to light for long periods, it shouldn't have changed too much. The password is locked to the serial number of the device. When we purchased extra...
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    Skew Impo in Preps?

    Can you not skew the final output instead of skewing the imposed pages? This is the view in Prinergy that allows rotation on final output
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    Folding and Grain...

    Is this digital print on a toner based machine? The heat applied to the stock during printing dries out the paper making it more susceptible to cracking, especially with toner which cures on the surface of the paper. I can't be sure from the photo, but it looks as if the score/crease is on the...
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    Raster or Vector PDF proofing

    We avoid PDFs as proofs whenever possible, any time a CSR asks for a "PDF Proof" I tell them "PDFS are NOT proofs" I keep a couple of sample PDFs on my desktop to demonstrate the issues with viewing PDFs in different environments Clicking on and off the Simulate Overprint button shows the...
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    Newbie asks: Can we use each plate twice for low runs?

    OP is not wanting to store and reuse the plates for a standing job, but to re-image the same DI plates with different images ie use a DI machine like a digital press.
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    Leading Zeros in SmartStream

    Assuming you are starting with an Excel spreadsheet with the leading zeros in the formatting and saving as a CSV After saving the CSV out of Excel, when you close the file, Excel will ask if you want to save the file - at this point say NO Resaving the CSV will remove the leading zeros...
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    What's Driving Mac vs. PC Purchasing Today?

    That was true when programs addressed the hardware directly through IRQ, DMA etc and you had to modify your config.sys and autoexec.bat files whenever you added new hardware, but now that there are drivers that must be certified by Microsoft before they can be installed, the instances of...
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    AB dick 360 registration?

    The saying predates AB Dicks, we used to chase registration on Heidelberg Platens, especially when running "off lays"
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    AB dick 360 registration?

    I used to do critical registration jobs eg. 6 spot colour letterheads with butt fitting colours on a 375 with no problems, you just can't run it flat out.
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    Hot Foil over Spot UV & double-sided Spot UV

    We regularly do double sided spot UV Foil is notoriously temperamental when other treatments are applied underneath I would lean towards foiling first then UV over the foil where possible
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    What's Driving Mac vs. PC Purchasing Today?

    Historically it goes back to when scalable fonts were not available natively on Windows, and then when they became available on Windows 3.1, they were only Truetype which were viewed with some suspicion at the time, then Quark Xpress was Mac only and Apple introduced the Laserwriter which pretty...
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    CTF is not environment friendly, CTP is always too expensive for now...

    The old inkjet smoke & mirrors trick, if I remember correctly claims of 1440dpi on a 4 colour inkjet is actually 360dpi x 4 colours. getting halftone dots onto film relies on some software trickery that won't deliver the desired results. Thermal and violet CTP have both been around for well over...
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    Need to learn Preps 5 !!!!

    Preps 5.2 was the last version to come with a printed manual which was quite comprehensive. There's a lot more to working in Preps than can be covered in a few tutorial videos. If you can find the manual, read it, if not then open the "help" window from within Preps and find the section named...
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    Use your knowledge of print with - Careers at Esko

    Nothing in Asia Pacific?
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    Content Awareness with Pitstop?

    The way I look at it, the customer can either get a mirrored image, or they can have no bleed at all. If they want correctly created bleed, then the CSR can go back to the customer and ask them to supply the files correctly, but that would involve the CSR actually communicating with the customer...
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    Lets play What Would You Charge Again?

    those weird inchy things you still use in the USA :D