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  1. Craig

    Folding and Grain...

    Have you tried a different brand of paper. We had the same thing happen when we changed from one brand to the next. We score everything with Tri-Creasers and that had little effect. Changed to a different brand and back to normal.
  2. Craig

    Envelope Printing

    Sorry for the delay getting back. Maintenance is .0035/click and an average envelope is .005/ envelope.
  3. Craig

    Xante Warning

    Try wiping off the sensors below the fuser, they look like silver eyeballs. We didn't believe it but it was what solved our problem.
  4. Craig

    Envelope Printing

    In the last week they have cross shipped 2 different printers to try to resolve our issues. First one was stuck in some type of factory mode and unusable.
  5. Craig

    Envelope Printing

    Last December we installed a Riso GD7330 to run envelopes. About 240,000 envelopes have been run since install just over 400,000 total impressions overall. Runs a hell of a lot faster than our Xante EnPress but is very finicky on feeding envelopes. We are patiently waiting for the Straight...
  6. Craig

    Plockmatic Experience...

    Ours is a offline bookletmaker. It has the two paper decks attached to it. We feed it from 4 different presses.
  7. Craig

    Plockmatic Experience...

    Just checked the counter on the Morgana BM500 (Plockmatic) stapler and it reads 625,176 cycles. Very few issues that are not maintenance related. It was installed September 2015 and we upgraded the feeder from friction to vacuum 2 years ago.
  8. Craig

    Konica Minolta Accuriopress 6136.

    Just had one installed to replace our Bizhub 1200. We also have a Ricoh 8125. I hate the Ricoh and LOVE the KM 6136.
  9. Craig

    New Digital Press Suggestion

    Funny, we sell clear, gold and silver all the time. Must be our market.
  10. Craig

    Digital Envelope printer Info

    We had a Xante Impressia, left with over 4 million impressions on it. Got a Xante EN Press, not at all Impressed with it's performance. Just installed a RISO ComColor 7330 and am pretty impressed so far. Can't wait for the new feeder to be released.
  11. Craig


    Will do, driving in from Ohio should be there when the doors open. Just plan on going through the exhibition hall. Have a few items we want to look at.
  12. Craig


    I will be there Saturday
  13. Craig

    Digital copier verses digital offset press

    I have looked at the same thing and found a "local" trade only printer to partner with on the long runs to be more profitable. We typically have them run the 19x25 press sheets and we finish them in house. I would look at that option first.
  14. Craig

    Toner adhesion problems

    Ours is about 13 months old, it doesn't get used a ton and has about 1.2 million on it. I think we have had 3 fusers now.
  15. Craig

    Gassing off concerns

    It may be a long shot, but have you narrowed it down to a particular supplier? If so ask what inks they use, see if they are willing to try a different ink that may be lower in VOC's. Having transitioned from an offset to an all digital shop a few years ago you really notice the different smells...
  16. Craig

    Toner adhesion problems

    Hey Keith - How old is the fuser? We had issues like that with our V180 and the tech replaces the fuser and all was well after. The paper we had issues with was Blazer 100lb Gloss Text. All the others were fine, even the cover weights, just the 1 weight was effected for some reason. BTW, we do...
  17. Craig

    Print 19 Sunday

    I know we always went on Sunday because we parked where the Bears fans were tailgating. Got many free beverages on the way into the show.
  18. Craig

    Print 19 Sunday

    Did they recently drop Sunday the 6th? I sware it was on the website the other day.
  19. Craig

    Creating a Business Front Website

    Here is the problem we ran into with 3 different platforms, including 1 from above. The VAST majority of the general public is just to uninformed on how to design online (or at all). Almost every order that came in had some issue that required us to call and interact with the user. At first we...
  20. Craig

    Pantone Coated vs Uncoated Corporate style guide issue

    Sure as shit down the road someone will ask for a logo and they will send one for coated stock and it will get printed on uncoated. Now lets go one further, what about web safe colors and monitor displays? The Founders computer screen looks a different color than his/her phone.