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    Seminars at Clemson University

    Thought you all might be interested in some of the educational seminars and workshops we're hosting at Clemson University this year. We're adding a few new programs and bringing back a couple old ones that haven't been hosted in a while. Let me know if you have any questions! Sonoco Institute ...
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    Prepress Workflow Automation Seminar, March 6-8

    Clemson University's Sonoco Institute of Packaging Design & Graphics is hosting a seminar on automating the prepress workflow. Speakers from Clemson, Esko, Screen, Hybrid Software and xpedx are presenting on topics including Planning the Workflow, MIS Integration, Communication between Systems...
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    Online Approval for Packaging

    We're looking into solutions for an online customer approval system for packaging graphics, thought I'd come here for suggestions. Currently using Esko Backstage for workflow automation, so we've looked at their WebCenter software -- but it might be a bit more than we need. Looking for...
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    Esko Suite 7 + Parallels

    Anyone running Esko Suite 7 on a Mac through Parallels? We're running Scope 3 that way right now on all the workstations without issue, just wondering if there's anything I should know about before our upgrade in 2 weeks. Thanks, Bobby
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    Esko on Parallels

    Has anyone had any success running Esko software (namely Packedge and Backstage Client) on WindowsXP under Parallels? We've been running Scope 3 software under an early build of Parallels since last year without any problems. I'm having trouble getting it to work under Parallels 2 or 3 now...