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  1. keith1

    Colour Perception Test

    Here's a fun colour test to determine: a) What crappy eyesight you have. b) What a crappy monitor you own. I got zero. That's good - the lower your score, the better.
  2. keith1

    how to design a logo in word

    The guy has patience I'll grant him that.
  3. keith1

    What's this on my Illustrator Artboard?

    I'm attaching a screen shot from Illustrator 2015, version 19. Somehow I put these things on there. I haven't a clue how, I've no idea what they are or what they're for, but I'd really like to remove them. Upper left looks like a cube of sorts. No idea what the thing is on my artwork. There is...
  4. keith1

    Sending Proofs

    I have a little disclaimer signature that is used when I send a proof (always PDF) to people: When receiving a file or proof, please do not view it on a tablet or phone. PDF files may not display correctly in web browsers - use Acrobat: In this particular instance...
  5. keith1

    The importance of using the correct font

    [No message]
  6. keith1

    Extended receipts

    Here's something that bugs me. Well; a lot of things do. How about extended receipts - from everywhere you go. Bank Machine receipts. I don't know what they say because I tear it off. Grocery store. When did you last go to a grocery store, hardware store that didn't offer you $1000.00 to fill...
  7. keith1

    Form Fields in Acrobat

    Hi, Is it possible to show/hide form fields in Acrobat Reader? I made a form for a customer and can highlight the form fields, or not. I've been looking around Acrobat Reader, which I just downloaded and don't see a way to do this. I thought I might be missing something. I'm new to the form...
  8. keith1

    ink videos

    You may find interesting:
  9. keith1

    a grave error

    Wasn't sure where to post this. Under the 'Education' heading might be more appropriate. I refuse to touch wedding invitations. Or any similar home crafty type project someone may have. However, in a moment of weakness I agreed to help out a regular customer who's daughter is getting married...
  10. keith1

    InDesign Text Bar

    Greetings, Yesterday for some reason the text bar (could have a different name) became disorganized from the way I usually view it. For example the 'Paragraph' settings are now on the left, when they previously have been more central. 'Text' section used to be further to the left than it is now...
  11. keith1

    Suitcase Fusion for Windows vault problem

    Greetings, Suitcase Fusion for Windows font vault problem. Version 6, Windows 7. However the version of Windows, or Mac OS, or version of Suitcase matters little since this has been an ongoing problem forever. Once again ran into the remove font vault problem. See posted image. This came about...
  12. keith1

    Need a database of people/companies that don't pay

    Wouldn't that be nice?! Get a call from a potential new client. Look them up on the database. History of burning suppliers. There would be a lot of room to abuse such a system but it would be nice to know that if someone didn't pay what they owed you could enter their name and basically have...
  13. keith1

    Press Operator Rule of Thumb

    Never eat the last inch of your sandwich. works for plumbers too
  14. keith1

    InDesign to Illustrator

    Greetings, Does anyone have a magic formula for getting files that were put together in InDesign CS5.5 to Illustrator CS5 and still have them somewhat editable? Scenario: Label printer wants Illustrator files. I don't know why they can't use InDesign files. That would solve everything. Text in...
  15. keith1

    Pantone Colour Manager Expired

    Hi Group, I haven't opened Pantone Colour Manager for a month or more. Last time I did all was good. Now I'm getting a message on all the Pantone + swatches (the ones I want & use) that access has expired. I don't understand this at all. The software is up to date and activated. I just don't...
  16. keith1

    PDF to Illustrator

    Greetings all, I'm pretty certain I know my answer, but it's been a few years since I visited this problem and maybe newer software versions have brought newer results. I'm still on Acrobat 8 (it works) and Illustrator from CS 5 - version 15 or 16 i think. A label printer wants to convert my...
  17. keith1

    Suitcase Fusion 4 & InDesign CS5

    Hi, This is a new version of an old problem. New because I've recently installed Suitcase Version 4. As with Suitcase Fusion version 3, it doesn't recognize all my apps. In this case the Fusion 4 plug-in doesn't recognize InDesign CS5 (version 7.0.4). This is the Adobe app I use the most and...
  18. keith1

    CMYK: which swatch?

    Greetings, I'm surprised I don't see an existing thread for this. Does anyone know, as of this time - October 2012 - which spot to CMYK swatch is the most up to date and reliable? Here's what I have for Pantone 187 red (coated): My colour bridge swatch: 5; 100; 71; 22 (swatch is about 4...
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    This is kind of neat once you figure out how it works Color – Method of Action
  20. keith1

    Vista hanging at startup

    Hello Group, This topic may be stretching the boundaries of a pre-press group and I know there's a zillion Google topics with the same subject line - that's precisely why I thought I'd try here. While there are tons of home remedies via Google (I've tried several) I haven't been able to find a...