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  1. Sherbert

    Change Image Spot Colour in Action List

    I know you can you change this using the inspector tool > curve editing > Convert to Spot. But can you change a Spot Channel in an Image to a different Spot via an Action list? I've had a little look and I can't see how, but I am not the best at action lists - yet!
  2. Sherbert

    Indesign - Ad hoc 'Do Not Downsample' option

    Hey all, Is there a way to tell Indesign that you do not want to downsample a specific image? I am getting high res images from customers that are not vector and not 'traditional' line art (1 bit raster), but should be. If I could tell Indesign, 'Hey treat this specific image as line art...
  3. Sherbert

    Illustrator - Spot Colours disappearing.

    One of those days. Illustrator CC 2014 Customer supplied .ai file Setting up a folder for print. I've converted the Die lines to a Spot Colour called 'Cutter Guide' It's set as a Spot Colour using CMYK Alternatives as 100% Magenta. Document is CMYK. Now, when I check Separations Preview and...
  4. Sherbert

    Daige Maxit System

    Anyone got one of these? We've been using it for a few months now with no problems until today. We use RP Hot Melt Adhesive with it and not the MXII. Basically we've got a triplex mailer we've sent out and the glue doesn't seem to have adhered properly, was fine during finishing it's only that...
  5. Sherbert

    Difference Effect and TAC

    Morning Guys, I've got a file here where the customer has used the Difference Effect to pretty much create an area of 390-400% TAC which is going to be hell to print. I can change the Transparency to RGB Blend Space to get it to adhere to FOGRA 39's 330% TAC. But it'll obviously change the...
  6. Sherbert

    Replacement RIP for an HP Indigo 5000

    The inbuilt RIP that runs on XP is a little crap. Anyone had any luck with anything else?
  7. Sherbert

    HP Indigo - Navy Blue Shadows Gamut Clipping?

    Morning all, Mostly all of the schools in the UK have Navy Blue Sweaters as uniforms. When we print these we get problems with the shadows in the sweater. You can also see this while emulating the Indigo Colour Profile in Acrobat Pro Output Preview. I guess there isn't a panacea for this...
  8. Sherbert

    Entry Level Workflow. Similar to Odystar?

    Afternoon all, Been tasked with finding out about prepress workflow solutions. One of the guys in the office used to use Odystar and says it was pretty good. But it's probably out of our budget. Any other recommendations? Only real feature that it needs to have is to be able to generate a...
  9. Sherbert

    Indigo Pantone LUT

    Hey all, Was looking through my ticket templates and noticed that the 4 colour hot folder doesn't use Pantone Emulation LUTs. (It's is set to None under PANTONE Emulation) Occasionally CMYK+Spot will be sent to the 4c Hot Folder and problems can arise. Wondering if anyone else has used...
  10. Sherbert

    Atomic Regions in PDFs

    I normally deal will files that are being printed and atomic regions don't actually print. I have this one customer who would like a PDF without atomic regions to add to his website. Is this possible and are there flattener preferences I need to look at?
  11. Sherbert

    Quotation Management System

    Had a little google and not much came up. Looking for something thats maybe open source, it will just be used by a couple of us internally. Anyone used anything? We use Highrise for CRM, so something as awesome as that would be wonderful. ps. Posted this on another forum I visit. Thought I...
  12. Sherbert

    Need a RAW file for some Screen Testing

    Hey guys, I am in need of a high res RAW file, don't really care what of but the quality is what we need. Will be doing some tests at about 230lpi. You'll have my eternal gratitude! Kind Regards, Sherbs
  13. Sherbert

    Drop Shadows and Spot Colours oh my.

    Hey you lot, Been working with a file this morning. Basically a logo was missing when RIP'd. Problem lied with the fact there was a 1bit tif printed with a Spot in the background. The logo had a drop shadow. So the logo was knocking out the background but the logo wasn't printed, only a white...
  14. Sherbert

    Logo disappearing on PDF once RIP'd

    Hey guys, We use a HP Indigo 5000 with an onboard Harlequin RIP. This file that I have attached has a BAcC Logo on the 2nd page of the PDF. Well when ripped this logo just disappears completely. Done my usual checks and I can't see anything wrong with it so far. I have asked for the native...
  15. Sherbert

    Quark YTD 6.5: Double Barrelled Surnames

    Hey there, We are doing a personalisation job. Using the Quark Plugin from HP Indigo (YTD) Long SURNAMEs should drop onto the 2nd Line and shorter SURNAMEs should stay on the first line. I have disabled auto hyphenation in Quark which has sorted this problem out, but when somebody has a...
  16. Sherbert

    Colour Management Workflows with an Indigo 5000

    Hey guys, How do you manage colours with your indigo 5000 from prepress to press? We mainly use a PDF workflow, with Quark and Indesign (YTD) Regards, Sherbs
  17. Sherbert

    Exporting Spot Plate from PDF

    Hey guys, Just received a job. Basically its a CMYK+Spot Pdf, the spot layer is for the cutter guide. Normally customers send in 2 files 1 Cutter, 1 Artworking. For arguements sake, I don't have the fonts and there not outlined. So can't use Illy. (Plus, PDF's arn't really meant for Illy)...
  18. Sherbert

    Prepress Procedures/Workflow

    Hey guys, First post on here as I normally lurk. Anyhow, I am currently typing up a booklet with our Prepress Procedures and Workflow. This is mainly in use for when I am not here and people with less experience than me are dealing with prepress. I've covered the basics, included information...