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    Automatic masking software

    I have a client who is looking into the best options for regularly masking a few thousand images for a catalog we print. I looked at some of the automatic options in the past, and at least for the sample images I tried, we spent enough time cleaning up the results that it didn't seem to be much...
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    Stressed by a Distressed font in Quark and PDFs

    Here's a good one. I've got a client using a distressed font out of Quark Xpress that doesn't like to print well. It's called NellyScript and they've (fake) styled it bold which adds an outline around the edges. When it is exported to .ps and then converted to PDF the rough edges --...
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    InDesign CS5 Auto-Captioning Images without extensions

    I've got a catalog project were hundreds of images need to be automatically captioned with the filename. It looks like using the Generate Caption in InDesign CS5 would be perfect for this, but when I use it and base the caption on the name, it applies the filename with the extension. I need...
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    Links move with InDesign CS4 6.0.5 update

    Before installing I was just checking out the InDesign CS4 6.0.5 update and noticed this text at the top of the release notes. "IMPORTANT: This update fixes an issue in how InDesign CS4 calculates the bounding boxes of placed AI/PDF files. The behavior is now consistent with the behavior of...