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    Preps template, bring marks to front?

    I know this is simple, but I am brain dead from an intense week. Template has color bar running across center of sheet with a built in "white area" behind. There are fold marks placed on top of color bar. I need the color bar to knock out (print on top of bleed page elements), but the fold marks...
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    Cheap Software?

    Have any of you ever bought downloadable software? A coworker was looking to buy Adobe Creative Suite 2 at a big savings from a company called Cheap Software Solutions / OEM Soft Sales that apparently comes with everything but the box and disk- all keys and serial numbers. Are the companies...
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    Preps XL or Plus??

    We are looking to add another Preps workstation to our commercial printing department. Currently we have three copies of Preps Pro for Mac. I am having a bit of trouble finding info on side by side comparisons of Preps XL, Plus and Pro. The "extra" copy of Preps would only be used to impose our...
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    Lexmark wireless possible???

    hey Guys an Gals Has anyone been able to set up a Lexmark 3500 All-in-one with the optional wireless card to work on their Apple network? I have three Macs, all running OS 10.4 connected thru an Airport Extreme basestation. I purchased the optional wireless card for the Lexmark and installed it...
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    Greatest Rock Album of All Times

    I begin by nominating Exile on Main Street and Nevermind... Edited by: tapdn on Sep 19, 2007 9:54 AM
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    Transfering user to new hard drive

    Here's the situation. I have an older G4 running OS 10.4.10 that I use mainly for archiving jobs. It has two hardrives, one 80Gig and the original drive which is 25 Gig I believe. Three Preps Mac workstations connect to this archive Mac using file sharing. Currently the 80 Gig disk contains...