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  1. Sherbert

    What's this on my Illustrator Artboard?

    Can't see the attachment, but sounds like perspective grid. "Click View > Perspective Grid > Show Grid. Press Ctrl+Shift+I (on Windows) or Cmd+Shift+I (on Mac) to show the Perspective Grid. The same keyboard shortcut can be used to hide the visible grid. Click the Perspective Grid tool from the...
  2. Sherbert

    Help with RGB color on a sign

    Glad it's not just me!
  3. Sherbert

    HP Indigo 5600 Digital Press Color Matching Issue

    To use the inbuilt Pantone licensed lookup table, make sure your ticket template is setup correctly! Other wise it'll convert to the alternate CMYK value in the Spot Colour.
  4. Sherbert

    Clipping Path Options - Issue

    Hey Eliox, Think I can help. When you place a PSD (CMD+D) tick 'Show Import Options' then place, Import Options will open up, goto 'Image' tab and tick 'Apply Photoshop Clipping Path'. Seems to stay on when you tick it, and stay off when you untick it. I think this goes on an...
  5. Sherbert

    Hazing the Intern

    It's just called "Taking the piss" or "Taking the Mick", "Taking the Micheal" or less commonly "Extracting the urine". Source: I am British.
  6. Sherbert

    Newbie & Imposing

    We run 99% of jobs through Quite Imposing. Works well for us.
  7. Sherbert

    Change Image Spot Colour in Action List

    Thanks abc, that's a great help :)
  8. Sherbert

    Change Image Spot Colour in Action List

    I know you can you change this using the inspector tool > curve editing > Convert to Spot. But can you change a Spot Channel in an Image to a different Spot via an Action list? I've had a little look and I can't see how, but I am not the best at action lists - yet!
  9. Sherbert

    InDesgin Document open times very long

    How old is the Mac? Mechanical HDD or SSD? Hard-drive could be failing.
  10. Sherbert

    Hot foil stamping on Matte laminated sheet

    Matt black pigment foil? Good luck with that ;) - they're really meant for stamping dates.. rather than the graphic arts. What's the grade and make of foil? We get a semi decent result with Gloss Black foils.
  11. Sherbert

    HP Indigo 5500 Screen Rule & Fineness

    Because 175lpi is middle of the road. You get more prominent banding at higher screen levels. ie, pictures looks better, solids and gradients can look a lot worse.
  12. Sherbert

    Adobe vs Heidelberg . . .????

    I think it might be OPM0 vs OPM1. Refrying it in Indesign probably isn't helping?
  13. Sherbert

    Adobe vs Heidelberg . . .????

    Bob, you got me intrigued with this. Can I PM you my email address and you send me over the files?
  14. Sherbert

    Illustrator - a good trick

    As TomcatInc said. It's a dual file with PDF embedded too :)
  15. Sherbert

    Adobe vs Heidelberg . . .????

    CMYK or Spot Colours? How's the image setup? What version of PDF are you using? PDFX? Or just anything? What version does your RIP support? These are the questions i'd be asking myself. Had this before on an Indigo 5000. It was due to transparency and spot colours combined.
  16. Sherbert

    Spot Colors only preview in black - regardless of their InDesign CMYK recipe

    No alias' setup in Ink Manager?
  17. Sherbert

    Exporting dielines

    I've never really used Action Lists before, but had a play with Stephens and they're pretty awesome. Is there a way to get your head around it to create my own? It doesn't seem 100% logical to me right now.
  18. Sherbert

    HP Indigo 5600 IndiChrome PDF settings

    Spot Colours/RGB for Vectors. If you want Indichrome in images then supply RGB images (make sure indesign doesn't convert to CMYK).
  19. Sherbert

    Indesign - Ad hoc 'Do Not Downsample' option

    Yes, but a simple 'No it doesn't do that' would've sufficed :)
  20. Sherbert

    Indesign - Ad hoc 'Do Not Downsample' option

    dabob That affects every image. stephen-marsh Some images are not really suitable for a 1bit tiff. It should really be a vector graphic.