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    V180 vs Pro7110/7200 vs Canon 8000 VP

    The Versant 180 is almost identical to the newer Versant 3100 which replaced the V2100. The V180 is completely different from the X700. There are far more differences than similarities between the two. I have clients cheating the V180 duplexing up to 400 gsm with no issues. And they are a very...
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    Getting double clicks with 13 x 26 sheet on V3100

    Its not a double click up to 19". Or shouldn't be. It will be the standard color click plus the Large which is up to 19" in length. Over 19.1" to 26" you would add 2 of meter XL. Most printers don't run this length from my experience.
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    Versant 80 - Yellow Toner Cartridge Does Not Fit

    There are two cartridges for each color. One is for metered service agreements meaning the supplies are covered under your service agreement. The other is for sold service agreementswhich mean you buy them outside of your service agreement. They have similar but different. The cartridges are...
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    Versant 2100 13" x 26" revisited

    It should work with a bypass tray only! Meaning no High Capacity Trays. The software loaded in the US will overwrite the large stock selection if there is a HCF.
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    Versant 80 13" x 26" finisher error.

    Its not a valid option in the US market. Only the rest of the world! Hopefully that will change but for now it won't work even with the XLS license as the software for the accessories won't accept it. The US market uses a different firm ware.
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    Fuji Xerox vs Konica Minolta

    Prepare sample files of what you typically run and have both companies run a 100 sheets or so of each. Check for color consistency, registration, banding etc.
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    Command workstation for Xerox Freeflow

    It's called FreeFlow Remote Print Services. It should work very similar to CWS.
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    Versant 2100 13" x 26" revisited

    Thanks. We're on .42
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    Versant 2100 13" x 26" revisited

    Do you happen to know what system software your V80 is on?
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    Versant 2100 13" x 26" revisited

    I'm curious what were the steps you went through to enter the activation code? I'm thinking of getting to for my Versant but want to make sure I can actually get it set up.
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    Xerox Lease End Options...

    Ask for a formal buyout quote from your rep then make an offer of what you feel is worth it. The worst they can do is say no. But from my experience you can negotiate something much less.
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    Xerox Lease End Options...

    With an FMV lease the buyout is negotiable. That's the most important this to consider. I work for Xerox and negotiate it for my clients frequently. Xerox would rather leave it in the field than have it removed.