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    Bindery Scheduling

    I have about 40 to 50 jobs a day going through my bindery, lots of cut and pack, some die cut and made up, some folded and some saddlestitched - I am interested to know how others schedule their bindery Peter
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    JDF for beginners

    I write our MIS system in FileMaker - Filemaker can export XML - how do I link it into a pre press workflow (Kodak) or Heidelberg presses and bindery Peter
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    Press Room Manager for CTP machine

    I have always had plates as the repsonsibility of the Press Room (as well as the flat paper warehouse) - Do others do this peter
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    Grey Balance

    I am still trying to get to grips with this In Europe the majority of our proofing uses the Fogra39 profile - so the paper is made to look like b -3 its puts ayellow tint in the background of my proof paper as it is too blue. When we print on any commercial paper it has a b -5 so it is bluer...
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    Heidelberg Anicolour (???)

    This press is frightening.its a SM 52 I saw a 4 colour and coater The ink ductroller , plate inker, plate cylinder and impression cylinder are all the same size. The ink roller has furrows in it - into which the ink is forced and the plate inker which is rubber takes all the ink off the ink...
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    Daily backing up Prinergy

    We back up the Oracle database - as per Kodaks procedures . But this doesnt back up the data . I need a solution either to mirror the system or back up overnight Does anyone have any ideas Peter WE archive completed jobs to tape - but cannot archive jobs in progress it would be a nightmare
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    Has anyone experience of running G7
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    Prinergy Plate Queue

    We image about 1500 plates a week and have anything up to 400 plates in the queue. We send the plates down as one bit tiffs ( as recommended by Creo) but the plate queue is awful. To move a job to the top ofr the list we have to move each plate up one at a time - does anyone have abetter...
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    I am very interested to know what is happening with training and how u get new entrants into the industry. In the Uk we seem to have stopped training youngsters about 20 years ago - so have an ageing workforce. Peter
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    match proofs when printing stoachastic

    I print Stacatto and some one mentioned in previous thread about a problem they were having with shadows printing lighter than the proofs when they used Sublema - We have the same problem - it shows up in car typres which on the proofs look black but with stacatto look grey and full off detail -...
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    FSC paper standard

    FSC Chain Of Custerdy for printers is become a big issue in the uk - I would be interested to hear from printers around the world if they are having to become accredited to FSC and what standards they are being asked to meet Peter Arnel