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    Roland SC540 just vinyl cutting

    Hi, my wife just bought an old SC540 Roland with the idea of using it just for vinyl cutting. It has no ink in it and hasn't been used as a printer for a couple of years, the person who sold it to us though said the cutter works fine. Could anybody tell us how to set it up to use just as a vinyl...
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    Konica C6500 parts

    I'm looking to find a replacement ADU fan, next to the writing units on a C6500. M43. It's a 60mm 24vDC fan, and it's surprisingly hard to find in NZ, with a four pin cable. I would like to buy a genuine one, either secondhand or new. Are there any good recommendations for parts places (online)...
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    BQ-140 Horizon Binder reset light stays on

    We've just bought a secondhand BQ-140, after getting it home and turning it on it worked for a couple of books (the second of which pushed the cover back and glued it on at a bad angle), and then the reset light came on and stayed on. I've turned it off and on a couple of times but the power...