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    Aristo cutter barcode reader issue

    We purchased an Aristomat TL 48C almost two years ago and we have never been able to keep the bar code scanner connected to the Aristo software. Windows maintains the connection but the software constantly drops it. Does anyone have any idea on how to fix this? Windows 10, Datalogics M2 Scanner.
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    Onyx Pass-thru

    We are having some issues getting our color correct on our Epson GS6000 when running through onyx. We have not been able to get the color calibrated correctly using the Xrite I1. For the interim is it possible to run a job through onyx, skip the color management, add fiducials for a cutter...
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    Sujet Problem in Signa

    How do I turn off auto sujet and set a default value for each plate size. I am trying to get the sujet to position at .625 on all jobs.
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    Understanding Prinect

    I recently started working at shop with Prinect-P, and Signa. I originally came from a Rampage shop and I have also worked with a Delta and Signa system. I really like how effortlessly Prinect processes files but I am finding what I consider inefficiencies in the workflow. I am hoping that...