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  1. Dan2122

    Plockmatic 350m skew

    Hi everyone! Hope you're all well! We have a 2017 plockmatic 350m which we use to hand finish booklets. We're really happy with the machine apart from I'm getting a small skew on the books. (Photo attached). I've searched google for answers and checked all the obvious settings such as paper...
  2. Dan2122

    4 staple booket maker? Square back folder?

    Hi does anyone know of a booklet maker that will fix 4 staples, Sadlestich? Also does a squareback folder make your booklets stronger? Seeing as the staples are then not on the crease? Cheers
  3. Dan2122

    V80 vs v2100

    Hi everyone. we have been offered to machines by a company here in the uk. Versant 80 – currently 2 in stock both with External Fiery, Twin Hi-Cap Feeder & Pro-Booklet. 500k meter £6,750 vs 1. Versant 2100 – Currently 1 in stock with PRO External Fiery, 4M Meter, Twin Hi-Cap...
  4. Dan2122

    Book making inline/offline/guillotine

    Hi. We're looking to bring some of our digital print in house to make booklets. The original thought was to purchase a 2 knife trimmer and a square edge folder to trim all three sides. I understand an inline trimmer slows print production down, but I ideally want to limit the number of tasks I...
  5. Dan2122

    Novice - buying a versant 80

    Hi. New member here. Based in the uk. I currently run a graphic design team and we’re thinking about buying a used versant 80 with a plockmatic book maker to make booklets. im quite handy with computers and we currently do our large format print in house. Is running the versant pretty straight...

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