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    Xerox v80/180 color tuning?

    When I have this kind of problem, I run the sheet through my V80 twice. I heat up the paper by running the sheets with a blank image and then running it again straight away with the image on.
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    Copy / Paste - getting hyphenated words

    Which software program are you talking about????????
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    Xerox Versant 180 Mystery

    I have a versant 80 this has has happened to me before. This first thing you need to understand is how a sheet of paper is turned over when printed 1 side only as either face up or face down. First pic shows you which door you need to open and the 2nd pic shows you the door for the duplexer...
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    Xerox Versant - Color shift from left to right side of print

    On the Xerox touch screen do the following: Tools > Setup & Adjustments > Density Uniformity Adjustment > Semi Auto Process using scanner. Then follow the on screen instructions
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    Short Run Carton Packaging Production & Printing

    If you're going to score/crease cartons, make sure you do some tests on different thicknesses of material. Based in the UK, I produce short run carton packaging by printing on my Xerox toner based digital press and cut & crease on my Duplo PFiBlade B3. We had a look at the Graphtec F-Mark when...
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    Duplo DBM-120

    When you feed the sheets into the machine, do the staple heads push down onto the sheets as though they are stapling.
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    New B2 Format Digital Die Cutter from Duplo

    I think it is because my Duplo PFi Blade uses JWei blades. I've looked around to try and find the blades cheaper because they are quite expensive. I got a quote from China but the minimum quantity I could order was 150 Blades, so I'm stuck with using Duplo at the moment (they're slightly cheaper...
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    Novice - buying a versant 80

    I'm based in North London and also have a Versant 80. Are you sure about the region thing. I'm able to print onto a 660mm long sheet through tray 5 feeder tray but it only works on stock up to 220gsm so if I have to use a heavier stock, I increase the temperature on the fuser.
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    How to stitch A4 landscape booklet (short run of 10)

    I have this exact stapler as well and you've just read my mind. I always thought about doing what you've showed but had no idea how to. I might show a local metal works company your picture and ask for one of these!!! ;)
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    How to stitch A4 landscape booklet (short run of 10)

    Thanks, that was one of the problems because once you punch a staple, you can't tell beforehand if centred on the spine. I tried to build a jig out of wood and mark a feint line on the top sheet for position of staple but its always hit and miss.
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    How to stitch A4 landscape booklet (short run of 10)

    I need to print and make up 10 x A4 landscape bookets (A4 landscape 16 pages on 250gsm Silk). I can print a long sheet on my Xerox Versant 80 and score each sheet if required My Duplo booklet maker is too short to stitch an A4 landscape book, so does anyone have any tips on how I can accurately...
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    Polar Mohr 66 Error 585

    Maybe try turning the 'knife change' knob anti-clockwise (located under the table next to the on-off switch) and then turn it back to clockwise.
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    Who creates the artwork for your online print shop

    Fair enough, that's your view but one of the ways I've changed is to watch and keep an eye on what youngsters are doing nowadays and never underestimate how quick things are changing. I've been in print for over 30 years but I'm not naive and am willing to move with the times, even if it means...
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    Who creates the artwork for your online print shop

    I can understand using Canva as a 1-off for a flyer but not sure about 50 page books. I noticed that Canva allow you to download it as an app, so I wonder if they've made it easier to use rather than working online
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    Who creates the artwork for your online print shop

    I spoke to my niece a couple of days ago and she's just started working in social media marketing. When she's gone for interviews, she told me that a lot of companies (in the UK) now ask if she's familiar with Canva rather InDesign or any other layout program. I wonder if this is because its...
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    Who creates the artwork for your online print shop

    My experience tells me that now days everyone is a designer whether it's through using InDesign or Microsoft Powerpoint!!!! The problem is, when you show them a design which you've created for them, they know what they don't want but can't tell you what they do want which means a lot of time...
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    Who creates the artwork for your online print shop

    Im currently doing my research regarding online print stores, but what about artwork. If the customer doesn't have the software to create artwork, apart from web-to-print templates, are there an online websites the customer can go to so that they can design and create it themselves and supply me...
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    Any way to calibrate/adjust Morgana Autocreaser?

    Excellent reply Aparat. Since we're asking, I have the same problem on my Morgana Digifold Mk1 which also doesn't fold in the correct position. Would you be able to help with that one please.
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    1st Installation in the UK of the Duplo PFi Blade B3 cutting table

    You're right about Vivids software being chinese. Duplo rewrote their version, I could be wrong but I think it was rewritten by Esko. We went with Duplo because of our history with them on finishing equipment and their excellent service and after sales support. Unfortunately, after we purchased...
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    Digital kiss cutting

    If you are looking at the VeloBlade you might also interested in Duplo's PFi Blade. This is exactly the same machine as the VeloBlade but Duplo had the software rewritten rather than using the VeloBlade chinese software.

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