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    Print Films on Desktop Printer

    While we sell Harlequin RIPs, we do a lot of work with film output and I figured it might be worth chiming in on this conversation to give you a brief overview of a few of the common ways film can be produced and a few of the different equipment and RIP options that are on the market. THERMAL...
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    QMDI computer upgrade

    Hi camasprinter, We sell Harlequin RIPs for the DI presses that are compatible with the latest design applications and allow you to drive the DI from a new computer. We are familiar with the setup and calibration of the DI and can assist with the installation remotely using TeamViewer and offer...
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    Avantra 25 Driver issues

    Hi ErickCasta, Depending on the type of RIP you are using and your actual workflow you could use a generic PPD as listed above. Loading a PPD is part of the issue, but you may also need instructions on how to configure the input/printer on your RIP as well as on the design computer. This would...
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    Ink Jet as replacement for film...sizing accuracy?

    If you are still looking for a solution we would look forward to the opportunity to send you some film samples from our equipment. Our thermal imagesetter has extremely accurate registration and repeatability (plus or minus 0.01% measured at a length of 60 inches). You can find out more about...
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    Accuset 800 requirements

    While we do not support the Viper software, we have both new and used Harlequin RIPs available that would be able to drive the Agfa Accuset. We could bundle a new Harlequin RIP with a used interface and you would have compatibility with the latest design applications including Adobe Creative...
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    Depending on your requirements we have several thermal imagesetters available with different output capabilities. The machines are available in a variety of different sizes with film output ranging from 14" to 54" wide. All of the imagesetters include a new RTI Harlequin RIP and use thermal film...
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    Strange noise on film Accuset 1500 - Harlequin RIP

    It would be best to try and figure out where exactly the issue is occurring. This doesn't look like a design or RIP processing issue, but you could verify this by ROAMing (previewing) the file in the RIP output controller. If it looks fine in ROAM but outputs like what you have shown then you...
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    DPM 2340 font issues

    You can download our universal PPD which can be used on both Macintosh and Windows systems: Mac PPD Installer: Windows PPD Files: We do not drive the DPM 2340 machines directly but we have...
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    Sudden Highwater Error with Agfa SelectSet 5000

    Since you are likely using a HighWater PCI interface card you could try moving the PCI card to a different slot in the computer. Shut down the computer then move the card into a completely different PCI slot then power the computer back on. It should say found new hardware - tell it to search...
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    Agfa accuset 1000 plus - several problems

    It is unlikely that you have two bad interface cards and three bad computers. It is possible that the interface cards and/or cables are still an issue, but it is likely an issue with the software or installation procedure since you are not using original install disks and may not be using the...
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    Agfa accuset 1000 plus - several problems

    The HW476 card is compatible with Windows 2000 and Windows XP Pro 32-bit editions. The HW776 card is compatible with the same operating systems. Because the Accuset is also new to the equation you should run out a self test on the imagesetter itself. Once you confirm that the imagesetter is...
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    Two Interface Cards in one PC

    See the following thread you posted:
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    Agfa Accuset 1000 Calibration hassles

    The ability to do this would depend on the manufacturer of the RIP along with the interface cards/plugins being used with the RIP. 1. What interface cards do you currently have (make, model, etc.)? 2. What version Harlequin RIP do you have? 3. What type of Harlequin RIP do you have (RTI, ECRM...
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    Agfa Accuset 1000 Calibration hassles

    I agree with everything Vlad has stated. The correct approach is to first set exposure then calibrate. Within our Harlequin RIP you can run out an exposure sweep which will output targets at different exposures. Then you can measure those targets and see which exposure value gives you the best...
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    Eco 1630 PPD

    If you are using a Harlequin RIP you can use our universal (RTI) PPD which can be downloaded from our support page: Harlequin RIP Support - RTI Harlequin RIP Technical Support Software Support PPD Download Tutorials This PPD works with almost any output device. There are also instructions for...
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    In Need Of A Dongle or Some Advice

    We do not sell the MetaDimension RIP software, but we do sell new Harlequin RIP software for the Prosetter 74. You can find out more about the Prosetter RIP-Kit on the following page: Heidelberg Prosetter RIP Workflow for Heidelberg Prosetter 52, 74, 104 Software Harlequin RIP If you are...
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    Accuset 1000 plus connect to PC

    I know that with the older Harlequin RIP ADB dongles you could run the software on a G3 or G4 model with USB and use an iMate ADB to USB adapter as long as you were running the proper operating system.
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    File names are now incorrect

    It just means you are not using an RTI RIP, but you can go to the C:\RIPFOLDER\SW\PageFeatures folder. That would be the location. You will also need to unzip the files and copy the unzipped versions into the page features folder. Once that is done you can follow the instructions on the support...
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    Any updatale RIP for Oki C9650

    Going through some of the older posts and noticed your post. Not sure if you are still looking for a solution, but we sell a new Harlequin RIP that can drive the OKI 9650 series. You can find out more about the RIP software on the following page: OKI 9650 Digital Press RIP Workflow Software -...
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    File names are now incorrect

    If you are using a Harlequin RIP - You may need to install page features that will allow the RIP to properly pull the jobname information from the file. You can visit our support page at: Harlequin RIP Support - RTI Harlequin RIP Technical Support Software Support PPD Download Tutorials then...

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