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    How to stitch A4 landscape booklet (short run of 10)

    I need to print and make up 10 x A4 landscape bookets (A4 landscape 16 pages on 250gsm Silk). I can print a long sheet on my Xerox Versant 80 and score each sheet if required My Duplo booklet maker is too short to stitch an A4 landscape book, so does anyone have any tips on how I can accurately...
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    Who creates the artwork for your online print shop

    Im currently doing my research regarding online print stores, but what about artwork. If the customer doesn't have the software to create artwork, apart from web-to-print templates, are there an online websites the customer can go to so that they can design and create it themselves and supply me...
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    Does anyone use Biodegradable laminate

    We're a digital printer in the UK looking at changing over to Biodegradable Matt and Gloss laminate. We also overprint laminate with digital foil on our Vivid Matrix and die cut on the new Duplo PFi Blade B3 digital cutter. I've phoned a few laminate suppliers but there don't seem to be any...
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    1st Installation in the UK of the Duplo PFi Blade B3 cutting table

    He's an article from this weeks Print Week. We're the first installation in the UK but rather than worrying that we have version 1.0 rather than 1.1, I don't seem to have found any bugs as yet!!!! This cutting table compliments out existing kit which includes a Xerox digital press and Matrix...
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    Toner Foiling Problem on Soft Touch Laminate - How to get rid of foil spots

    I've got a Vivid Matrix 370P along with Xerox Versant 80 Digital Press. When using the Matrix for foiling on plain smooth paper its perfect...very fast, accurate, clean and no foil spots. But when I try and foil onto Soft Touch Laminate I get random spots of foil in different positions on some...
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    Xerox Versant 80 - How to achieve good solids on a 640mm Long Sheet

    When I feed a long sheet (640mmx320mm) through the bypass Tray 5 on my Xerox Versant 80, the Xerox only allows me to print at a maximum paper weight of 177-220gsm but my sheet weight is 300gsm Uncoated. My problem is, I'm trying to slow the Xerox down by feeding at a slow speed on cast coated...
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    Versant 80 - Any tips on getting a Matt Look on solids (as less shiny as possible)

    Hi everyone When running solids on an uncoated paper on our Xerox Versant 80 the image still has a shiny finish to it. I'm not expecting to see results as I would get from litho printing but does anyone have any tips on getting as close to a matt look as possible.
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    Any info - Intec ColorCut flatbed Diecutter - Small, Cost Effective Die Cutter We're a digital printer and I'm doing some research on the Intec range of digital die cutters. What I like about this machine is the small footprint size and dieless cutter/creaser/perforator...basically all-in-one, which I...
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    Xerox Versant 80 Problem with vertical line on all colours!!!

    4 months into using our Versant 80 I noticed a dark vertical line appearing in the tint areas of a job I was running. When an Engineer came round to have a look, I was told that it is one of the faults of the Xerox Versant 80 (see images attached) and that there was no way around the problem. I...
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    Stitching problem with Duplo DBM-120

    Hi Everyone, Lately I've been having problems with my Duplo DBM-120 booklet maker. Around 3 in every 10 books are not closing properly once stapled through. I've changed staple heads but this doesn't make any difference. Attached is a picture showing the problem. I also have a 2nd Duplo DBM-120...
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    Print Finishing Engineers in/near North London

    We are a digital printers based in Enfield, North London (EN3) and are on the lookout for any print finish engineers who can assist us when we require servicing or have any problems with our equipment. We have a Morgana Digifold for scoring/folding and a Duplo DFC-12 collator, DBM-120 booklet...
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    Polar 66 Guillotine - Guillotine knife spring required

    Help!!! The huge knife spring on my Polar 66 has just snapped in half. Except for Heidelberg, where can I buy a spare one in the UK!!! Thanks
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    Best way to align and Glue Duplex Sheets

    I'm using a Daige Maxit to glue digitally printed sheets together. I've centered my image on both sheets which isn't a problem but does anyone have a and quick way of actually sticking the sheets together. I'm currently using a 90 degree corner which has been made out of 2 pieces of wood, I...
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    Foiling and Spot UV-style effects on Laminator

    I've been reading about Foiling and Spot UV effects using a Laminator and Digital Press which can be used for short runs and personalisation. Is there anyone out there who has any feedback on this? I've...
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    Printing Envelopes on Xerox 700 or any digital press

    Does anyone have experience of printing Digital Envelopes on a Xerox 700 or any other heat based digital press. I've got some samples from my paper supplier and it sounds like a good way of keeping the print in-house and would be much cheaper rather than out sourcing as litho print. Is there...
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    Xerox 700 - Paper Jam

    I've been using the Xerox 700 for over 3 years now and looked after it very well with lots of self maintenance, instead of killing it and calling out Xerox engineers when it's on its last legs. I've been using Xerox's for over 10 years and know them quite well. I've also used 350gsm Uncoated and...
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    Food Safe Digital Printing on Xerox 700

    A customer in the UK wants to create a wrapper for individual chocolates like the ones you get with After Eight Mints. I've sourced a 'Food Safe' paper which is a 90gsm Silk, but does anyone know if its safe to print these on my Xerox 700 or would they have to been printed litho using food safe...
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    Morgana Digifold - Adjustment knob sticking problem

    I have a Morgana Digifold which works beautifully except, which twisting the adjustment knob to toggle through the menus or adjust the measurement, it sticks to one menu or doesn't work properly for every click. I've tried pulling it out/pushing it in whilst twisting, but no luck. The main...
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    Xerox 700 - Scan to PDF Destination has changed

    Booted up my Xerox 700 and Creo RIP this morning. Then scanned an A4 sheet of paper as usual, but when I went to the Public Scans folder which contains all of my other 100's of scans, the newly create scan wasn't there. When I did a searched I found that all PDFs which I had scanned this morning...
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    Need help with looking for a Laminating Machine

    We're a small printing company running a Xerox 700. We are currently outsourcing our laminating (Business Cards, Book Cover, etc). We only spend around £1000 a year so it's not been worth looking at anything too high-end. I've looked around at table top laminators, but it's very confusing that...

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