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  1. Cornishpastythighs

    Ikea stops catalogue
  2. Cornishpastythighs

    Happy Birthday Canada

    Happy Birthday to a lovely country. Wonderful people and a great printing tradition.
  3. Cornishpastythighs

    Color Muse Has anyone had any experience of this product in a printing environment? It looks like its made for paint and fabrics but sells itself as a $60 Spectro. Wondered if anyone had tried one to compare ink colours Cheers
  4. Cornishpastythighs

    FM6 Colour Sequence

    Hi, does anyone have an ink colour sequence that they have run successfully with FM6 printing. We will run 4 process colours with Orange and Green Many thanks
  5. Cornishpastythighs

    Happy Canada Day to all Canucks

    Have a double double for me
  6. Cornishpastythighs

    Colour Tolerance

    I was hoping some of you could help me with a recent customer demand. A new customer has requested we send them Spectro data of the press colour match and run using CIE94. We have always used DeltaE CMC for our other customers without issues. We verify colour using a software product from XRite...
  7. Cornishpastythighs

    Goodbye to MAN Roland

    Are we now going to lose MAN ROLAND as a press manufacturer?
  8. Cornishpastythighs

    Colour Measuring software

    Does anyone know of a good colour measuring software package that would allow me to remotely measure and input say an ink drawdown or customer sample and have the data sent to 3 or 4 presses throughout the factory. The pressman would then be able to evaluate what he is printing against a...
  9. Cornishpastythighs

    Fountain Solution suggestions for UV

    Does anyone have any good recommendations for a Fountain Solution that works really well with UV inks running on a Komori press.

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