1 Metadimension two connected machines


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Hi everyone .
Who has installed one metadimension 6.5 to connected two diferent devices via speedway .
Example one CTP Suprasetter and one old Quasar direct connected .
How the system handle this configuration ? It work or ir there anyone waiting for my response .

I think it must work because the speedway boards are diferents .

Feel free to answer .

All the Best



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Hi Padrao,

Meta Dimension 6.5 can't support direct connection of a Quasar (end of life) But if you are connecting a Suprasetter A model it is possible.

The Meta RIP can only support 1 CTP/CTF device directly connected at a time. Any additional will normally be connected via a Meta Shooter and the Tiff B Export option.

How are you sending the imaging data to your old Quasar? Is it some sort of Raster Blaster Tiff Downloader or another 3rd Party system?

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