3-d wall decorations done with my equipment?


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Something I can print and then manipulate somehow on the duplo? I've done an arc of rolled 12"x12" printed art (branding, logo, etc) and rolled them into cones, then arranged them like the statue of liberty. I've run paper through the duplo twice, once in each direction to crease and make 3d boxes with our logo on it. Did some kind of 1980s wall decoration that merchandisers did with album covers (not sure any of y'all are old enough to know what I'm talking about :))

anyone have any 3d ideas?


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You can also do triangles fairly easily.
In-out popups that step up and down like a city-sky-scape, you would just vary the distance on your creases and then run it back thru but flipped upside down to get the downward creases.



We did these on our Colex Sharpcut flatbed cutter/cnc. Cuts and scores. Slid some holographic stock underneath for a cool effect. I paid for the template online.

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