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We're quoting on a mailing where we'll be supplied with more than 4,000 .xml files of individual financial letters.
RIght now it seems as if the operator will need to open each one and print from Word; I'm looking for a slightly more elegant (ie automated) solution.
Drag and drop onto the RIP produces errors ...
Running Fiery to a Ricoh Pro-C651.


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Can you import the xml files into Indesign... I know it has the functionality to handle them.

Stephen Marsh

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I too would look into automating in InDesign or a dedicated XML publishing application.

It would help if you could get at least two sample XML files so that you have a better idea of what you are facing in terms of complexity. You will also obviously need to know the final desired layout. As XML is just plain text, there are many options for massaging the incoming data if you need to (with luck you will not). You may also possibly need InDesign scripting to help with this task.

EDIT: I am not sure if this is as “automated” as using DataMerge, however I am a newb at using XML in InDesign so I could be missing something…

Any experienced InDesing XML practitioners care to comment?


Of course, automating the data input and formatting is only one side of the job!

Hope this helps.

Stephen Marsh
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Since this is a Variable Data job. The best variable data application I have found to support XML is GMC Inspire. More power than you can shake a stick at.

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