4 color registration marks


Im laying out press sheets and would like my registration marks to be in all colors. How do I select the trim marks and tell indesign it should print 100 % in all colors?



Re: 4 color registration marks

It dosent seem to be working. Is there a way to turn it on and off? right now it has a red slash through the pencil. and when I view the job in 4color the marks are only on the black plate.


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Re: 4 color registration marks

A red slash through the pencil? Does this mean that you can't write on that layer? Unlock the layer.

To get your marks you are creating in InDesign (using the pen tool not the marks put on during printing out), you'll need to select the marks and choose the fill to be None and the Stroke to be Registration color (I make mine about .5pt thick). If you print out more than one color, the the marks should be in all colors printed.


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