4 color start-up questions


We run a Goss Community press...all manual impressions, ink form and water forms. How do others turn the ink on while starting up a job? One color at a time or all four colors at once? Pros and cons of each way? (this is back to back color)

I like to turn on all 4 at once and then get it in register and set ink at the same time before we flag the good copies. I feel I can get color on and in register quicker than putting black and cyan getting those two in register, then putting on the Magenta getting it in register then yellow and getting it in register. I also think it is quicker to see a plate that is bent crooked and not lining up.

Any thoughts or ideas??

white rabbit

Active member
I have often wondered this same thing. I start all 4 colors at once. I think it reduces waste and startup time, as you mentioned. Im curious to see other opinions as well.


I turn on all the ink, but I run up to running speed then I shut down. Do my adjustments and usually if you are experienced in this method, one runup would suffice. This saves waste tremendously

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