4 surprising things at drupa 2016


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According to InfoTrend’s Jim Hamilton: “They were unexpected, showed new directions / capabilities and caught me off guard.”

Xerox/Impika KBA collaboration – with KBA’s sheet-fed division – a 40-inch sheet-fed digital printer for folding carton applications. It will be able to print 4,500 B1-format sheets per hour and has a modular design that will integrate inkjet printing with in-line options for coating, cold foil application, rotary die-cutting, creasing, and perforating.

Canon Voyager – a technology demonstration of a B2+-format, 3,000 sheet per hour, cut-sheet inkjet printer. The device is huge, which presumably is part of the intended statement. Canon’s apparent point is that the company wants to make a high-quality and productive B2+-format device using its own inkjet heads.

MGI AlphaJet – with a race-track concept paper path. Unlike anything seen in printing where straight paper paths are typically valued because of their implied reliability. In this case, having a circular paper-path allows the sheet to go around multiple times if, for example, it requires multiple hits of clear UV ink for a dimensional effect.

HP Indigo Digital Combination Printing – a technology demonstration combining an Indigo WS68000 and a UV inkjet unit developed by JetFX for a label printing application. A good example of the types of special effects/ embellishments that were all over the drupa show floor. What differentiated this tech demonstration for me was that it represented a hybrid printing example using liquid electrophotography and UV inkjet.

Read all about it here: http://blog.infotrends.com/?p=21691

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