AB Dick 9970 will not clean the ink!

Hi everyone, I'm wondering if anyone can help with this press. we're having problems getting jobs to run on this press. we seem to have "lost" the formula to make fountain solutions. my pressman tell me we do a mix of alcohol and some fountain solution. we rarely use this press so the bottle from where this fountain solution doesn't even have a label. can anyone help with this issue?



What a great press and a real money maker. Your question depends on what type of plates you run and also the water system you have. The 9970 came with a Super Auqamatic or the Kompac water system.

One requires alcohol for good performance while the Kompac does not. Have you checked your operators manual?

I'll have to look around for it. But most likely there isn't one in the shop, since i've started working at this place finding an operator's manual has been a difficult task. The dampening system for this press consist of a fountain bottle on the fountain pan. I will post pictures of the press soon. we're using extreme aqua plates for this press but will be moving to LAP-V plates from our Palladio CTP system.


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If you are using metal plates you can use almost any type of metal fountain hence total or anchor are a few that come to mind. If the dampening system has a shiny silver roller that rides on the pan roller and makes on and off contact to the ink roller train you have a super aqua system and I would recommend starting with 25 percent alcohol. Start there and slowly reduce the amount of alcohol till you start scumming or the chrome roller wont stay clean. That roller must never have ink on it. There is a talent to it or some AB Dicks have a lock out when the form rollers are up. I usually manually pick it up and start the press and slowly lower the roller back down. Metal fountain would be about 4 oz per gallon. If you are running all day the alcohol will evaporate so if you start at 25 percent in the morning you could drop as low as 20 by the end of the day
If you are using metal plates you can use almost any type of metal fountain hence total or anchor are a few that come to mind.

We are currently using metal plates and we have a nikken mark III and IV are these types of solutions we can use along w/ the alcohol? Thanks everyone for all the help!!


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I have never heard of those fountains but I am sure they will work just fine. Mix the fountain slightly stronger. If you add 25 percent alcohol to your premix fountain it will be weaker. If you normally mix 4 oz per gallon make that gallon 25 percent alcohol and 75 percent water. Then mix the 4 oz to that solution. Good Luck

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