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Yes... to be clear, I think the apps themselves are excellent. But when there is an issue... it is a ridiculous waste of time to seek help from customer service. Actually if they had even a "medium level" of customer service I would gladly pay the monthly fee.
Hi I'm Emma, i'm 18, i started a 2 years degree formation in graphic industry in September 2020 and i'd like becoming a Prepress Operator in my future.
Of course we use Adode Suite in my school like everywhere i think. I didn't know these softwares before and i find them very fun and powerfull. I'm suprised to read that the customer service is not at level. Maybe Adobe thinks they are alone in graphic industry software, so...
Do you think it can be interesting for me to download another software to learn graphic editing another way to be more versatile in my future job?
Which free software can be easier for a beginner?


As great as other programs may be, Adobe is the standard and thus all our clients use it so we don't really have a choice. What I loved back in the day--before the cloud crap--everyone, say, was using Adobe CS4. CS5 comes out and of course, that ONE client got it right away and won't back save their files to CS4 and since CS4 can't read CS5 files and you had better upgrade . If you don't they will go somewhere else.

It seems that you all are able to use other programs in your workflow and if it works great. However, my experience is in book printing. It is just not feasible to utilize other design/layout programs when the client sends InDesign files. The risk involved with messing with a 400 page book is too great.

Maybe there is something better out there than Acrobat, I haven't looked. I still use Acrobat version 11 because I have an 11 seat license and it still works and I don't have to deal with that cloud based bloatware crap. The main reason I use Acrobat is I need to run the Pitstop suite.


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As a career prepress technician for 35 years, now out of print, my advice to you is find another career. Prepress has been on the decline for the last 15 years or more. What jobs that are left pay less than what they used to and there is no job security. Once you get past 50 you can expect to be made redundant. I know it sounds harsh but save yourself some heartbreak and pursue something else.
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