Adobe Creative Cloud fonts


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Using Adobe Creative Cloud applications and fonts.
Create CMYK artwork in InDesign and export as PDF.
Send to client who both views onscreen and then prints on desktop inkjet using Adobe Acrobat Reader (the free version).
Our onscreen version and clients onscreen version look the same, but clients inkjet proof has different-looking fonts in it.
Client does not have Adobe Creative Cloud applications or fonts (they are not printers).
Any solutions to this this gratefully accepted and no the client is not willing to pay for Adobe Creative Cloud as it has no relevance to their business.
As far as I know Adobe does not license Creative Cloud subscribers to copy their fonts onto other peoples systems.
So long as they do not need to make further edits to your file, simply outline the fonts before creating your PDF. Every machine will interpret the vector paths the same.

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What about Profitability?
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