Adobe InDesign 17.x No Trapping Allowed


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I can't enable trapping when printing to postscript. Does anyone have a solution to the problem described in this Adobe post? Installing InDesign 16.4 (the oldest available version on Creative Cloud) does not help.



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Have you tried object-level trapping with the Attributes panel?

  • Select the element you want to overprint. Arrange it in your stacking order to preclude any rude surprises.
  • If it's not already open, select the Window>Output>Attributes menu command.
  • Select the fill and/or stroke overprint checkbox(es) to spread the color build over the trapping area you want to set.
  • Try printing with manual trapping settings and see if that helps you get the results you're looking for.
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Same problem on my harlequin rip v10, the postscript file in combination with harlequin trapping software won't generate overprint. If you export the indesign file to pdf everything is ok.
You could try to convert the ps file to to a pdf file with acrobat distiller to see if Indesign is the guilty one, (didn't try that one yet).
The attribute route will work fine with postscript, but it can be a lot of work for complex forms.


I've a CTF workflow for screen printing, letterpress, offset, etc. I get a lot of pdf-files, not always according to the PDF graphic standards. Exporting to PS can sometimes be a solution.
My first RIP (Harlequin v.3) accepted only PS and very old PDF standards. Don't know what Priceline... uses.


I place everything into a Word file (.doc) and then print from there. Sometimes MS Paint but mostly word.

No but really try using a Mac OS instead of PC.

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