Agfa AccuSet 1000 Media Error


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We are having problems with our Accuset 1000 Image setter. On start up we are hearing a rumbling noise, which appears to emminate from the film holder area of the machine, which is then followed by a Media Error.

We have been unable to resolve this issue by shutting down and restarting. Has anyone out there ever encountered this problem with an AccuSet 1000 and did you manage to resolve this issue.

Any advice will be gratefully received. Thank you. :confused:


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It sounds like a problem with the feed motor. Make sure that the bracket that the motor pivots on isn't cracked or broken. Also check the drive wheel on the motor and make sure it is in good condition. In the cassette check the wheel that the drive wheel presses against. Also make sure that the roll of film is tight on the spool so that the drive can hold tension.


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TakeUp side rubber rollers shrinked.
Tensioner arm pots need to be adjusted or even replaced.
Supply motor wheel lost all rubber, weak spring, broken brackets.
Supply cassette: Big black wheel has a friction with the cassette wall, broken and lost mini ball bearing at the end of the cassette shaft.

There are NO any other reasons for that problem
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I have an Accuset 1000. I cannot load film without getting a media error. Most of the time after pressing 'load', after about 5 seconds the film will jerk and start feeding for either around 5 seconds or one minute, then it will get a media error. It will NOT do the normal thing of letting go of the film and then pulling in a 'stepping' motion until the tensioners are tight. On the rare times it will load, after 1 or 2 minutes the taut film will slip or let go and become loose. The feed cassette and rollers all look good. I believe it is likely a problem with the tensioner arm pots, since the only time it seems to load is after I wiggle or tap the tensioners. Even that does not work very often though.

Is there anything in the tensioner assembly I can look for (such as a sensor), or does it all happen in the electronics? If it is the electronics, is there any way I can adjust the pots myself? I have a meter but have no idea how to adjust the pots or where to get the specs.

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