AGFA Avalon N8-20 E413c Error Code


New member
Good Morning,

In the middle of making plates this morning my Avalon gave an error E413c and said that the transport unit's Away side is not moving during its operation. Any idea on how to test and or fix this?


Well-known member
one of three options
- sensor not detecting properly the transport path movement , dirty or displaced PH57A
- transport path skewed, possibly a gas spring damaged, you can see if the big transport unit moves properly parallel to the machine
- M55 motor not moving correctly but these steppers rarely fail, it's the driver module most of the times.
Good luck.


New member
It appears to be the gas springs. They were not moving the transport unit up fast enough for the sensors liking. Both motors and boards seem to be working properly. Putting new springs in today and will give an update later.

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