AGFA Avalon VLF parts


Selling Agfa Avalon VLF micro chassis PCB's, power supplies, motion chassis drives and more.

All taken from working unit, tested before decommissioning.

List of parts:

* CPU PCB (2pcs.) CG+0033740502
* Rotary servo board (2pcs.) CG+0033760501
* Linear Servo board (2pcs.) CG+0033770501
* SDX board (2pcs.) CG+0033750501
* APIS to LVDS board (2pcs.) CG+0035570501
* Power Supply (powerone PFC375-4002F) - 3pcs. CG+0688910001
* VME backplane (P2 lower) 2pcs. CG+0033790501
* VME backplane (P1 upper) 2pcs. CG+0033930501
* Autofocus board CG+0034460502
* Autofocus Illumination Module (AFIM) 2pcs. CG+0037680578
* Pelvis PCB kit CG+0038260501
* Beam calibration module (BCM) 2pcs. CG+0035960501
* Beam calibration module (BCM) calibration board 2pcs. CG+0035560501
* AC filter (6pcs.) CG+0689310001
* Linear drive amplifier (2pcs.) CG+0689290001
* Linear power supply (2pcs.) CG+0940080001
* Rotary drive amplifier (2pcs.) CG+0689280001
* Power supply, 24 volt, for fans, light curtain, main air (2pcs.) CG+0689330001
* Power supply, 24 volt for interlocks (2pcs.) CG+0689370001
* Belt, focus motor, slow scan (2pcs.) CG+0940160001
* Focus motor, slow scan (2pcs.) CG+0689260001
* Linear encoder read head (2pcs) CG+0940390002
* Mag motor assembly CG+0038190501
* Mag motor sensor CG+0950370001
* GLV with flex circuit (2pcs.)
* AF motor (2pcs) CG+0034460502
* Rotary encoder read head and scale (2pcs) CG+0033630566

* AGFA USB/APIS HD interface (new in box)
* AGFA HP Pro Liam server with PCI-X APIS card & Unidiag

and more sensors and parts (ask)

Some pics of the parts:

Located in Estonia.
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