Agfa Grand Sherpa vs Epson 9800


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We are currently using an Agfa Grand Sherpa for our proofs that we send to our customers for approval before we go to press with thier jobs.
At this time, we are looking into replacing it with an Epson 9800.

Does anyone have any feed back on the Epson 9800 in regards to color and quality of the proofs? How does the Epson 9800 match up to pms colors? Overall color?

Any feed back would be truly helpful.


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Re: Agfa Grand Sherpa vs Epson 9800

I'm using an Epson 9800 hooked-up with our ApogeeX 3.5 system for contract proofing and it's a great printer! I think the Epson 9800 is actually replacing the Sherpa in the ApogeeX workflow. Got it profiled, run it at 720dpi unidirectional and color is great and stable.

Bob Hill

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Re: Agfa Grand Sherpa vs Epson 9800

You'll love the Epson compared to the Sherpa. The pigment ink based Epson is more reliable, more stable, better color, faster, and the service agreement (if you buy them) is much, much, much less than Agfa service. The microporous media Agfa has chosen is a well known media that has been on the market for a number of years and is an instant dry wide gamut paper. Pick the 250 gram version.

And yes, the Epson can be driven directly from Apogee, although I believe if you're getting the 9880 you have to be on 4.0 (not sure about that, but was told that by a customer of theirs). Otherwise, buy a RIP and pick the media of your choice. The ROI will come from less expensive media than Agfa branded.

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