Agfa Selectset 7000

I am having a problem with my Agfa Selectset 7000. It is a little hard to explain but here goes. One piece can come out looking fine but next one will expose any where from 1 to 12 inches but then will turn into lines. Clear line, dark line, clear line, dark line.etc. Sometime it expose the first 1 inch then goes bad for 6 inches then expose correctly again. Its like the laser is forgetting to turn on to expose.

I have a spare machine with parts and I have replaced all the boards but it continues to happen, I have changed power source from UPS to the wall to a line controller to no avail. I am running out options and I am hoping someone is familiar with this unit to help.


I have tried to attach a picture for everyone to see.


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Looks like the laser is going out.
SS7000 has to be 15+ years old, I think we bought one in '88 or 89.
Can that be the ORIGINAL laser?

I outputted an internal form and it still did it. Is there something else you would like me to try?


not sure how old it is, the operator says she been using it since 2001.



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SS7000 has a Real He-Ne Laser Tube and Laser lit ON untill you turn OFF the Imagesetter .
AOM - Acoustic-Optical-Modulator (special crystall) changes laser beam path when imaging process...that's "How It Works" principle of SS7000/5000.
If you met that effect again - stop output job from RIP and use embeded Tests (exposure test for instance) of SS7000. If you have the same kind of problem - that's SS7000 problem, if NOT - data flow problem and likely came from memory modules, located at Main board inside the Electronics box.
Check RF module and SIMs -memory modules
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Anyway check RF module and SIM modules - in my practice 90% of troubles like yours came from those parts.
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hi, i think these types of stalling, lines in copy can be cause by carriage movement problem, i suggest you to please check your carriage movement by gently slide the carriage assembly back & forth and hear the noise & friction, if you find problem then perform carriage rail cleaning/lubricating procedure.


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Hi everyone

I have a Selectset 7000 machine

The machine was working perfectly and suddenly they stop filming

We bougth the laser thinking it was the laser that was go out but when we install it the machine dosent work

We have being trayin usin some other High voltage power inverter from another machine we have but the laser start and then goes blank again, the High voltage power inverter que use fron the other machine was go out

When we power on the machi the machine do all the clycles and load the film and everything ok. The panel dont show any errors but when trying to film a file or the internal test in the panel the machine move the carriague move the film to the receiving cassette but nothing was filming

Please i need some help hero so we can purchase the rigth part in order to not waste more money in parts that will not help us to fix the machine

Please what can be the error.

Some advide needed please

Thanks in advance

Best regards


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I'm having a problem with Agfa SelectSet 7000. There is an error nr. 29. But I don't have any documentation for the machine. Can somebody explain, what does this error mean?



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'cause this is no Error 29 in SS7000 Service Manual.
Errs 20,21,2F only.
May be your error described in User Manual, but I have no one.
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