AI CS 3 can't find image links


Never seen this one before.
Maybe someone is having the same problem.

One of our operators is assembling and trapping a carton in Illustrator.
There are placed images in the file.

The linked images are located on server / job folder / hi res folder.

If I try to open the file on another mac it asks 'where are the linked images'.

When I link them up and save it, it does the same thing to the other operator.

Never seen it and can't readily figure it out.

Any ideas would help!


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Re: AI CS 3 can't find image links

Are the two computers synced as in date/time stamp?
Sometimes being off by a minute or two will make this happen.

Also, are the two connected to the server in the same manner?


Re: AI CS 3 can't find image links

I've synced to apple now for the time.
We were 9 minutes apart.
Don't know why...

And we are running macs so AFP seems right.

Let's see today!


Re: AI CS 3 can't find image links

No go.

Still a prob.

IT guy thought it might be Xinet...

BUT, he opens the file on Intel laptop and it opens fine...

I am running a dual 2G (non Intel).

He is looking into it.

Will keep you posted.


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Re: AI CS 3 can't find image links

We are Experiencing the same issue.
I am finding that once I relink one image the rest are automatically relinking regardless of their location on the server. It seems to be a problem with how Illustrator is viewing the path to the files on the server in relation to what user is connected.



Re: AI CS 3 can't find image links

First of all, don't use Illustrator for page layout, it's an illlustration program to put it bluntly. Page layout is what InDesign is for. Secondly, don't place images into Illustrator. Images are for Photoshop, then they are for placing into InDesign.

Now I've got that off my chest, try the following. After finding your images choose save as, and you should be presented with the save as dialog box. After giving your file a name choose Ai as the file type to save to and make your way to the next dialog box. This dialog box should read Illustrator options. Or at least it does in CS. There should be an option to include linked files from within this dialog box. Check it. You should now have your images kept with the file.


Re: AI CS 3 can't find image links

A. I am in Packaging Prepress (not "page layout"), and have been for some time. We trap by hand.
Freehand was and now Illustrator is, and has been for some time, the industry standard for packaging design/prepress.
Look it up.

B. From AI 6 to CS2, I've never seen this problem.

C. Saving a 944Kb .ai file with placed images makes it 37.4Mb and embeds the image. That's not what we are looking for.

When you close your mouth and open your ears, abracadabra, you learn something.
You are far too aggressive, considering your knowledge on the subject.
Stick to your page layouts and you'll do fine.

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Re: AI CS 3 can't find image links

Artpro does the same sometimes. But you don't have to point out a single image.
Can't say why.

So in the end our IT guy installed CS 3 on a clean system (no remnants of CS2).
It was a non intel imac.
Close enough to my system.

He was able to open any file and the links were fine.
He thinks all those left over mystery CS2 files may be conflicting with
the CS3 mystery files.

I can't afford to take my station down right now but,
when we have a chance we will wipe it and give CS3 a fresh install.


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Re: AI CS 3 can't find image links

We are having the relinking problem on 2 g5's Freshly re imaged and one Intel mac. I have had one g4 laptop with no liking problems at all. and my personal MacBook pro seems to be with out the relinking problems. I am still looking into what is causing this, we are going to be rolling out CS3 to 30ish various mac workstations in mid October. Os versions are all OS 10.4.10 except the G4 mac book is 10.4.8

Oh Yeah!!! Once I relink a file any other files from that folder on the server relink until I quit and restart Illustrator then its back to lost linksville.
Another thing that is perplexing is that Illustrator CS files link up fine in CS3 but CS3 files don't.


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