AI CS3 browser window tips open folders


My station works ok.

I use "List View" in Illustrator CS3 to dig into folders on the server and place linked images.

My co-worker tries to place an image and any folder she double-clicks just tips open right in the browser.

She can't burrow into the server.

Also, none of the locations stay in 'Recent Places'

Got any ideas???
Re: AI CS3 browser window tips open folders

Are the files on a file server?

If they are on a server, log off the server and from an admin account
use a utility like Onyx to show hidden items. Then go to the root
level of your coworkers machine and find the volumes folder. If you
see any servers in there (they will actually have a server name or
the IP address that you log into), delete them. Then turn off show
hidden items and log back into the server. The problem show be gone.

If files are not on a server, your coworker can always use the Adobe
dialog (button is in all open and save dialog boxes).

Hope this helps.

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Re: AI CS3 browser window tips open folders

We've had this happen before with all Adobe apps after I upgraded the OS. I found a thread in Apple's Forum for how to use Terminal to fix the problem.

1) Disconnect ALL network volumes, and as a precaution disconnect the network cable.

2) Launch Terminal and type "ls /volumes/" (lowercase "L", space between "s" and first slash)

3) Terminal now displays a list of all connected volumes including local hard drives. If you see any network volumes listed, these need to be removed (since you are not connected to the network because you disconnected the cable)

4) To remove 'ghost' network volumes, type "sudo rm -R /volumes/XX" in the terminal window (space between "o" and "r", between "m" and "-", between "R" and first slash, replace XX with the name of the ghost volume you need to remove) Example: "sudo rm -R /volumes/Ghost"

5) After removing the ghost volumes, re-enter the first command to make sure that the volume is actually gone.

That fixed it for us.


Re: AI CS3 browser window tips open folders

Mother...of pearl.


Thanks very much for the help all.

Is there a course or reading to help identify these kind of OSX system problems
and how Terminal can fix them.

Or is it still on-the-job training

I was a star at trouble-shooting OS9 but, X seems *soooo* foreign.

Thanks again.


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Re: AI CS3 browser window tips open folders

I'm glad it worked.

Same here with OS9, TechTool was a life saver!!

As for troubleshooting via Terminal, I don't know of anything specific. I found the info I posted buried deep (page 25 or something like that) in Apple's Forums.

Since OS X Disk Utility can fix drives and permissions, it seems to fix most issues that are not cache related. And a lot of issues are cache related. I use Cache Out X daily to clean out caches to prevent corruption. On rare occasion, a Mac will lockup during rebooting while displaying the Finder, showing only the Spotlight icon in the upper right corner. In those instances, I SafeBoot and then run Cache Out X, empty the trash and reboot.

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