Air quality and Oxygen Levels at In Mould label Print Press room


We are a leading In mould Label Printer located in Middle East. We do produce IML labels using Conventional offset with IML Inks.
We do understand the inks on IML substrate are dries by oxidation and the Oxygen level at pressroom plays an important role.

However we want to know that, what are the industry recommendations to maintain "Oxygen" levels. What has to be done when the Oxygen levels got saturated.? what the are best ways to bring fresh air inflow and it's frequency ?

We do maintain Press room temperature : 23 degrees Centigrade Relative humidity : 50 to 65 %

Please let us know the ways to maintain air quality, related testing and recommended oxygen levels.

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All joking aside, Your ink provider would surley have answers and help. The link below maybe a start.

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