All I need is tray calls in my PDFs!


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We're rewriting a system that used to compose documents in PostScript. We're changing to composing documents (statements, bills, notices, etc.) in PDF.

Our most annoying problem is tray calls. The first page of a bill is often printed on different stock than subsequent pages. PostScript allowed us to insert per-page tray calls. PDF does not.

It has been recommended that we look at JDF, but it seems like a really big gun for pretty small game.

Is it fairly straightforward to send a stream of 50,000 PDF documents and a JDF describing what media each page should be printed on to a tool that generates the PostScript for a printer that's not JDF-enabled?

If we have small requirements, is there such a thing as a small JDF implementation?

Is there a better forum for this question, here or elsewhere?
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