alternative to screenprinting


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i have a question. We have a client, who have bigger quantities of cellulose/coton dishcloth to print, what kind of flatbed machine you suggest for this kind of printing as alternative to screen print....

dishclothes is like this in links:

Maria Dahlgren Blue Cellulose Dishcloth -HUS & HEM- Scandinavian Design For The House And Home

Klippan Leksand Pink Cellulose Dishcloth -HUS & HEM- Scandinavian Design For The House And Home

inks must be eco friendly..........thickness of material is about 1,5 - 2 mm.......


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If the cloths are at finished size, you may want to test a DTG (Direct to Garment) printer, inks are typically OEKO-Tex certified. If your running roll goods to be cut later, consider Dye Sublimation.


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If you're going for direct to garment, you'd probably want to find a company to print them on the roll. Most direct to garment machines are made to print tee shirts. It would be hard to flatten dishcloths to print on these machines, as the hold down frames would be too large, and you could only print two or three at a time, even with a jury rigged frame.


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Thank you "possumgal", we will try to find a solution for this. I think also that roll printing is the best, and then cut to proper dimension sheets.....


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DTG is too slow, because there is big quantities in question, so we must find other solution for this. Thank you very much

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